Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Tech Geeks

5. Nintendo Wii - We all know the actual Wii is small and cute, so this fellow's interpretation looks a bit bulky by comparison. In fact, it looks like he has dressed up as 3 Wiis! It's okay, though...he gets extra credit for the creative use of oversized Wii controllers as legs.

4. Twitter - Simple and effective. This girl has taken the all basic elements of the Twitter interface, from the light blue color, to the 'What are you doing?' prompt, to the characteristic wings, and used them to send out a friendly "@ Everyone: Happy Halloween!" albeit in the conventional way - with a pen.

3. iPhone - Adults, kids and apparently dogs, too dressed up as Apple's revolutionary mobile device for last year's Halloween. Check out all the different interpretations in the linked gallery.

2. Facebook - Not even social networks are safe! Here we have a post which became a viral sensation after Halloween of last year - it's LiveJournal creator Brad Fitzpatrick dressed up as Facebook. The best line? "I've been enjoying throwing sheep at people all morning, yelling "SUPERPOKE!!!!"."

1. YouTube - If you've never seen the "Awesome Party Guy Vid" - now's your chance. The best part? The video (and the party) lasts as long as the costume stays on.

Any other geeky costume ideas?

Published: Jul 1, 2009

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