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Happy Valentine’s Day Dear

“Be Mine,” “You’re Cool,” “Purr fect” -- If those fun candy hearts aren’t enough to save you from the dog house this Valentine’s Day, then perhaps this blog post will be of help to you! Here are some of our favorite sites for treating your sweetheart this year:

Buying for a lady:

Nothing sweeps a girl off her feet like a surprise night or weekend getaway. Luxist lists some very romantic hot-spots including Santa Fe, NM (my favorite); Paris, France; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you’re interested in something a bit closer to home, try Napa Valley’s luxurious Auberge du Soleil that’s offering a decadent chocolate-themed spa treatment for two!

Something sparkly is another fabulous idea. Forbes pens about a new designer named Kara Ross who has something chic and lovely for just about everyone!

Buying for a gentleman:

Does the guy in your life have everything he could ever want? Blackbook’s Valentine’s Day gift guide has something for every guy -- a wooden Swiss Army knife, slippers, a new wallet -- surely something your main squeeze never knew he wanted! CrunchGear suggests a cool inexpensive watch, perfect for skiing in Tahoe or a weekend at the beach. 

Baking for your sweetie is also a nice gesture from the heart, especially if whatever you make is as delicious as Food Network’s Valentine’s Day Truffles.

Just a few ideas to get you in the mood 🙂

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Scoutmob: A Penny Pincher’s Paradise

Some may call me frugal or penny-wise, but I like to see it as being financially aware. Like everybody else, I love to dine, shop, and explore the exciting nightlife that San Francisco has to offer. And while I’m still a fairly recent college graduate, I often times catch myself hunting for the best bargains as if it were a sixth sense.

With great money-saving apps like Groupon and TownHog it’s hard not to conserve cash while trying out a new and unique business. These two apps, at one point, were my top resources for remaining cost-efficient, until I stumbled upon Scoutmob.

Not only is this little gem of an app aesthetically pleasing and fun, but all of the featured coupons are 50% off and completely free! Yes, that’s right, free.



Instant Coupons

Unlike LivingSocial and Mamapeida, you don’t have to download the coupon every morning as they’re posted. Instead Scoutmob automatically adds the daily deal to your phone (with all of the others), where you can redeem at a later date.


Once you’ve glanced at the daily deal, you can click over to the camera function where you can take a photo of you and your friends with various mustaches. Fun right?


Click over again and you’ll find a section called “Curiosities” with quirky facts about your local city (i.e: S.F.F.D is the only department in the country to still use wooden ladders exclusively).

Local Business

The businesses chosen aren’t the run-of-the-mill eateries that only tourists thrive at. Instead, they feature restaurants and boutiques that locals love. Just last week I went to Dynamo Donuts and nibbled on an amazing Maple Glazed Bacon Apple donut. Yum!!

What are some of your favorite ways to save while enjoying your city?


3D: Is It For Me?

When it comes to trying new things, I can be somewhat unpredictable. My palette? Adventurous! For example, this past weekend I went out on a limb and tried beef heart for the first time at Limon. Heights? Not too adventurous. You won’t find me hang gliding or sky diving any time soon (or without some major persuasion).

One thing I’ve been on the fence about for a while is 3D technology. It’s all the rage in the tech world; it seems someone is coming out with a new 3D TV or pair of 3D-enabled glasses each week. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely dipped my figurative toes is the three-dimensional waters. I’ve seen my share of 3D movies in the theater and even watched some 3D web videos. But what’s with those nerdy paper glasses?!


Up until now, I’ve been somewhat open to trying the latest and greatest 3D gadgets and technologies. That was until I read about Francois Vogel and Jonathan Post. These two inventors also have created a new way to view 3D cinema without wearing glasses OR watching on a new 3D-enabled screen. Their invention syncs your eyes with the action on your TV screen, basically simulating the technology of 3D active shutter glasses. The video (below) shows the entirely new way to do 3D without glasses. Even after watching the video, I'm not entirely sure how it actually works--or if it's even real--but this device causes your eyelids to blink very fast therefore doing the job of 3D shutter glasses.

According to the inventors, this only works with 120Hz screens and it may be launched at CES next year. Is this technology real? Is it a hoax? check out the video and let us know your thoughts. This is one “new thing” I sure won’t be trying out for a while!

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Toasty Tech Treats

Now that the holidays are long gone, there are no more parties to attend, gifts to exchange, or vacation days to distract us from the frosty elements. And while it’s time to get back to reality, as we set forth with our usual routines, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer through cold climates with just bowls of chili and fingerless gloves.

Below I’ve compiled a list of cozy tech gadgets and accessories that are sure to get you through those frosty mornings, and who knows, maybe you’ll miss the chill when spring comes around.

Pocket Heater App.

pocket heater_1.jpg

What will they think of next? There’s literally an app for everything, and now you can use your iPhone to keep you warm as well. The Pocket Heater application allows the phone to over heat as a way to keep your hands and pockets warm. And don’t worry, the app is light enough to feel some warmth, but not enough to burn you.

Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves

With touchscreen phones, mp3 players and tablets floating about, it can be hard to change that certain song or send an email with those cashmere gloves you got for the holidays. To ease your pain, I’ve included some links to gloves that not only keep your finger tips warm but allow you to use your tech-savvy devices as well.

North Face ETIP Glove

Freehands Gloves


Music Earmuffs


If you’re anything like me, then you probably have your headphones plugged in 24/7. As a way to keep the ears warm and the beats bumping it only seemed natural Music Muff created earmuff headphones. Now you can keep that Florance and the Machine album on repeat, despite the elements.

Heated Socks


Although some parts of the country are around the 50’s and 60’s, others have to suffer with inches, even feet, of snow as they go about their daily commute. These battery-powered wool socks trap air with woven hollow-core fibers, and give up to 12 hours of warmth. Yes please?!?

Eco-Friendly Space Heater


The Eco-Save Heater is perfect for those mornings when you just don’t want to crawl out from under that sea of covers. After turning this portable heater on you’ll be ready to relinquish those blankets and begin your day. Not to mention, this egg-shaped ball of warmth only uses 375 - 750 watts of electricity, so you’ll be conserving energy as well!


With all of this frosty weather on the rise, what are some of your favorite ways to stay tech-savvy while remaining warm this season?


Doing It All While Driving

I’m a lover of new cars: the way they smell, how clean they are, and the fun new technology that's being integrated in the cars of today. To be honest, I couldn’t get around the Bay Area without my GPS, and the easy-to-use Bluetooth for my cell phone ensures that I stay in touch with family and friends while getting from one place to the next. I am, however, also a bit frightened by all this technology -- a feeling that arised while home in Ohio with my parents for the holidays.

They just purchased a new sedan. While it’s a beautiful pearl white gem, sitting in the backseat while watching my dad fiddle with all of the technology while driving was downright terrifying! Voice activation, Sirius satellite radio, GPS -- the man was doing 25 things at once while (kind of) watching the road. Perhaps I’m being a bit unfair -- he is 35 years my senior and well, the older the wiser -- but this experience made me realize that perhaps all of this technology may not be a good thing for some.

On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the “number of total road fatalities dropped in 2009 to 33,963, down 22% from 43,510 in 2005 -- the fastest rate of decline in traffic deaths in peacetime since the dawn of automotive mass production in 1913.” While this news wasn’t so shocking to me, I do think that there is something to be said about doing too many things while driving, especially for those who might no be super familiar with all of this new technology. What do you think?