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Tips for a Tumblr-ing Newbie

Let me just start off by saying I’m a huge Tumblr fan. And while my personal Tumblr is specifically dedicated to music, I do follow a variety of blogs focused on tech, photography and film. Perhaps the most alluring feature on Tumblr is the reblogging feature. It makes it super easy to share content that others have posted. If you’re new to Tumblr, or haven’t had the chance to hop on the Tumblr wagon, I’ve outlined some tips for new users as well as recommended some blogs to follow below. Enjoy!

Spotlight: Once you make your profile, a good place to start finding blogs that are relevant to you is by using the “Spotlight” feature. Pick from various categories and browse the most popular Tumblrs in any given space. You can find the Spotlight feature under "add and remove" on the top right of your dashboard.

URL: Don’t stress out about your vanity URL. Tumblr makes it easy to change your URL whenever you want to. This is helpful if you are unsure about your blog’s name, as you can always go back and change the URL.

Bookmarklet: The bookmarklet feature allows you to quickly and easily share things from around the web. Simply drag the “Share on Tumblr” button to your Bookmarks Bar to install. Voila! You can instantly add posts to your blog from any website by highlighting selected images, videos or text and clicking the Share button on your bar.

Tumblr Savior: Tumblr Savior is an add-on for Google Chrome which allows you to block specific people or topics from popping up on your dashboard. For example, if you’ve read enough news about the iPhone, you can block that topic and any future iPhone related posts will stop showing up in your dashboard.

J + K: Pressing J and K makes it a lot easier to scroll up and down your dashboard especially if you have the infinite scroll turned on in your settings.

Finally, here are a few blogs I enjoy... and you might, too!
Yvynyl - Great for discovering new music and art. It’s updated a few times a day so there’s always new content to read.
ck/ck - A blog by graphic designer and photographer, Claes Källarsson, from Sweden.
Digital Thoughts - A collection of opinions on all things tech from an anonymous tech analyst.

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Published: Oct 26, 2011

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