A few ideas on how to stylishly protect your devices

It’s been a while, but this year I forced myself to make some New Year’s resolutions. One of my resolutions is to take better care of my stuff - especially my devices.

I love new (and good looking) gadgets - anecdotally, I think I fell out of my chair when I discovered Cutline’s 2011 holiday present was a Kindle Fire - but I’m admittedly the worst at taking care of them. Which is why anyone who knows me has a hard time understanding why I’ve historically been an anti-case person. My argument has always been twofold: 1. I can’t find any that appeal to me aesthetically and 2. I just don’t like the way they feel.

Well, thanks to California-based companies DODOcase and Society6, times are officially changing! My laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc are no longer prancing around in their birthday suits because I found cases that really work for me.

Here are just a few reasons why:


1. They have a cool story. “The DODOcase philosophy is simple, manufacture things locally and help keep the art of book binding alive and well by adapting it to a world of e-readers and iPads. Each DODOcase cover has its own unique character as it was hand made in San Francisco using techniques developed hundreds of years ago.”

2. They look really good. If you’re into the simple feel of a Classic Moleskin Notebook - then a DODOcase is 100% for you. And for a small premium, you can get your initials stamped on the cover. (I opted for a navy blue iPad case with gold initials, and the finished product is legit.)


1. They also have a cool story. Essentially they work with thousands of artists from around the world and produce a variety of cases / protective skins, using high quality materials, and ship the finished product to the buyer on behalf of the artist.

2. The selection is INSANE and so different from anything I’ve ever seen before. I perused iPhone cases and Laptop skins alone, for hours. (Probably shouldn’t admit that but there really are so many special designs to choose from!)

If you’re like me and unintentionally but frequently give your devices beatings that they don’t deserve, hopefully DODOcase and Society6 can help ensure that shattered screens result no more. They’ve worked for me thus far...knock on wood.


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Published: Jan 18, 2012

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