DIY, a Start-Up for Kids

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that the second my nieces and nephew walk through the door they will be on a mad dash for the iPad. They seem to know of a new app to download almost every week, and it’s really interesting to see how quickly and easily children are adapting to technology these days. When I stumbled across this New York Times article titled “Disruptions: A Beacon to Silicon Valley, From a Start-Up for Children”, I was very curious what this startup for children would entail.

DIY is a mobile and web app which encourages children to utilize their creativity by providing a platform for them to post and share their crafts and inventions with friends and family. After posting a picture of their project, the children are rewarded with both virtual badges on the site as well as physical embroidered badges in the mail. According to the article, not only can kids post their original creations, but DIY will eventually post projects with instructions for kids to follow that will “teach children modern-day skills.”

The company is based here in San Francisco, and Isaiah Saxon, DIY founder and chief creative officer, explains the company’s intentions: “Social networks today are about what you like, not what you do. We want to create an experience for children that’s about what you make, and in turn makes these skills heroic.”

As with all sites for children, privacy is a main concern for parents. The article explains that when signing up, children are told to use a pseudonym instead of their real name, and are given several illustrated animal avatars to choose from for their profile pictures. Parents are also asked to give their permission for their children to use the app through an e-mail, making the DIY experience both a fun and secure one.

You can check out DIY’s explore page here to see some examples of the adorable projects kids from around the world are creating today.

I think this is an awesome platform to let children’s creativity shine and to keep them connected with friends and family who might live far away. What do you think of this startup for kids?

Cutline Crew
Published: May 30, 2012

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