The Verdict is in: iPad Mini is Stellar!

This holiday season, the new iPad Mini was one of the hottest gifts and quickly sold out in most stores (well, at least the stores at Westfield Valley Fair). Since I’m patient, I snagged mine later on. I got the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini in black, and I love it!

My favorite features include:

Resolution: No, it doesn’t have the retina display -- but I’m still happy with the viewing quality. Everything is crisp and clean, especially when I wipe off my fingerprints ;).

Sound: It’s louder than I thought it would be! It’s way better for watching videos than my boyfriend’s iPad 2. He has to cup his hand around the speaker to hear better.

Size: It fits perfectly in my hands, and is more comfortable to play with than the iPad. It’s also light enough to carry around in my bag without weighing me down.

I haven’t tried many tablets to compare it to, but overall I think it’s a great buy and I highly recommend it if you’re on the fence!

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Published: Jan 18, 2013


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