Taylor Swift’s Love Story with Social Media

I’m an avid Taylor Swift fan. As in, I’ve thought about her every day for the last eight years. Is she getting her daily serving of fruit? Is she driving safely and under the speed limit? Did she read Yahoo News Digest today? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Earlier this summer, Taylor bylined a piece for the Wall Street Journal on the intersection of tech and music, and my bedtime thoughts became a bit … deeper. One thing in particular that resonated with me was her point about how high quality concert videos and live tweet updates of her every move are easily accessible and leave fans demanding new content daily. We’re living in a world where getting a selfie with a celeb has replaced the autograph and anyone can watch [in real time!] concerts on Instagram, meet and greets on Vine, and track hashtags like #WhereisTaylorSwiftNow.

Social media defines fame and power these days, so I’m not surprised Taylor has jumped on every major social media platform out there to interact with her fans. In fact, she says in her byline that she knows actresses who get hired based on who has the most Twitter followers! She also predicts that “in the future, artists will get record deals because they have fans, not the other way around.”

Bottom line: social media has forever changed the entertainment industry and tonight my Taylor thoughts before bed will include variations of “When am I getting my selfie with her?” and “Can she leave a comment like this on MY Instagram pictures?!”

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Published: Sep 9, 2014


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