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What They Read: Megan Tyrie!

What They Read is the latest column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners tell us why they love their go-to daily reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Megan Tyrie’s morning routine!

The NPR News App - Every morning as I’m getting ready, I stream the NPR News app on my phone. It’s a great way to get the news without reading. I start by listening to the Daily Newscast and then download the day’s top stories into a playlist. If I have time, then I listen to select stories under the world, politics and technology sections.

Stitcher Radio - I listen to this during my walk to work. While you can listen to the news on this app, I like it for finding and listening to podcasts such as Freakonomics, Stuff Mom Never Told You, TED Radio Hour, Marketplace, This Week in Tech and Hardcore History.

The Wall Street Journal’s The 10 Points - By this time, I’m at work so the first newsletter I usually read is the WSJ’s The 10 Points. It provides the four top stories with videos and links to larger stories at the Journal. My favorite part is the figure/stat at the bottom of the newsletter.

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Published: Apr 3, 2015


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