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What They Read: Nena!

What They Read is a regular column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners share their daily go-to reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Nena Farrell’s morning routine!

I love newsletters. Love them. After sorting through the quick reads and actions in my inbox, I like to sit down and read the newsletters before jumping into my day. Of course I read The Skimm, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Fortune’s The Broadsheet. It’s focused on the world’s most powerful women and interesting female-focused news. I usually end up opening at least two or three articles depending on the day and what catches my eye. It’s such a great range of information, from interesting interviews with amazing women to trending topics like adding a female to the $20 bill.

Blogs. I try to make time to catch up on my favorite lifestyle and tech blogs every day. On the lifestyle front, I love reading Corals and Cognacs, Design Darling, and The College Prepster. On the tech side, besides the major tech pubs, I love reading PopSugar Tech, Cool Mom Tech, and Purewow’s tech section. They’re chock-full of travel, outfit, and personal inspiration.

Facebook is my social media go-to for morning reading. Rather than an endless stream, I love how specific articles are selected for my feed and I always want to read them. My feed is mainly made up of the latest from TechCrunch, The Verge, and Mashable, and I usually check out a few before officially getting out of bed. This morning’s read? An article on The Verge about how the next season of Game of Thrones will start surpassing the books...can’t wait to see what happens! Also, I love checking out the stories on Snapchat Discover when I have time to watch videos.

After tons of reading inspiration from sitting next to Uzma and Esther, I read Paper Towns by John Green on Saturday. On my cell phone. Totally worth it. I then finally caved and signed up for Oyster, the Netflix for books. I’ve started Revenge Wears Prada and so far, so good.

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Published: May 8, 2015


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