Laughter – It Works!

I am a big fan of laughter in the workplace. Not only does taking some time out for a giggle or full-blown belly laugh help break up the day, I find it refreshes my brain and makes it easier to focus (once I recover). In fact, a study from Loma Linda University School of Medicine found that laughter reduces serum levels of cortisol, dopac, and epinephrine - stress hormones that can block creativity and reduce productivity levels.

Thankfully, everyone who works at Cutline has an amazing - and unique - sense of humor, and no one takes themselves too seriously. That’s one of the many reasons our culture is so special. Here are some of my personal favorite, work-safe go-tos to bring on the chuckles.

Everyone’s favorite daytime TV host: In Cutline SF, we usually have the TV on throughout the day -- starting with morning shows and then ending with news shows. And at the glorious hour of 4pm, we tune in to Ellen! Hilarious little kids and celeb pranks are always good for a laugh. If nothing else, her dancing bit at the top of the hour always makes me smile.

ClickHole: This is my personal favorite for weird humor. ClickHole, for those who don’t know, is a parody website created by The Onion and modeled after BuzzFeed. Running the gamut of ridiculousness, there are tons of fake quizzes, videos and “articles”; favorites include, “Are you a dog person or an ant person”, and “10 hilarious chairs that think they’re people.” The people running this site are genius.

Giphy extension: Ever since fellow Cutliner Annie shared this, it’s been responsible for many, many laughs -- one time I even laughed so hard I cried. Like tears coming out of my eyes. And as Nena put it, you can really see a little bit of everyone’s personalities in the gifs they pick out -- whether it’s an adorable puppy, a pop culture reference, or a balloon that bursts and turns into a dancing man (what?!! Thanks Shelby.) I immensely look forward to happy company-wide emails and the gif storm they inevitably bring on. And, it’s now available as a Gmail extension!

My coworkers! One of the benefits of an open workplace is getting to hear your coworkers’ random musings throughout the day. I just keep my ears open and enjoy the witty and often weird things my esteemed colleagues say.

In case you’re curious for more reasons why laughing is the best, here’s a list of 30 benefits of humor in the workplace that an expert put together. Enjoy!

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Published: Jun 26, 2015


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