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What They Read: Esther!

What They Read is a regular column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners share their daily go-to reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Esther Hallmeyer’s morning routine!

1. Like most PR people, I subscribe to a ton of email newsletters, so once I get on Bart, I start to scan them for interesting headlines. Everything from Adweek and MediaPost’s Marketing Daily for industry news for my clients, to The Daily Muse, Daily Worth and Levo’s “The Slice” for management and career inspiration, to Self Daily, MyDomaine and Refinery29 for health, fashion and lifestyle content. I click on whatever looks interesting, and spend some of my 45-minute ride into the city reading on my phone.

2. Once I get to work, more newsletters have piled up. Erin tipped us off to Jason Hirschhorn’s @MediaREDEF newsletter, which has so many interesting articles from across the web. I typically have to bookmark them for later in the day, since they’re generally feature stories that are best enjoyed at your own pace.

3. While I eat lunch, I like to take a break and read my favorite celebrity site, LaineyGossip.com. I discovered Lainey a couple years ago and it’s my number one must-read of the day. It’s not a traditional celebrity news or gossip site like the TMZ’s of the world, but delves more into analysis and dissection of the entertainment industry and celebrity culture.

4. On my way home, I open Flipboard’s “10 for Today” newsletter. It’s genius. It’s a perfectly curated mix of business, lifestyle, and entertainment content from Flipboard’s editors, and there’s always at least a couple articles I want to read.

5. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with magazines. I started subscribing to Sassy at the age of 10, and the love affair of flipping through glossy pages has continued. When possible, I try to read a print magazine on the way home, to give myself a break from the glow of the screen. I make sure to grab the newest Bloomberg, TIME, Fortune and/or Fast Company if we have them; I also love to read magazines a bit outside my demo, like Good Housekeeping, Maxim, or Scientific American, for a difference perspective. At home, I subscribe to Glamour, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Oprah, Health, and a ton more, and I get super duper happy when there’s a new mag waiting in my mailbox. I typically save it for the commute the next day, and the cycle starts again!

6. I just started reading The Martian, by Andy Weir - a soon-to-be blockbuster starring Matt Damon about a NASA astronaut stranded by his crew on Mars. He only has a year’s supply of food and no way of communicating to planet Earth. What will he do?! I can’t wait to find out.

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Published: Jul 17, 2015


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