7 Questions with…Katie Jacks!

Q. What will you do at Cutline?
As a manager, I will keep accounts movin’ and groovin’ while making sure client goals are always top of mind. It’s important to remember what success looks like for each account and for yourself. I will help support the entire Cutline crew and use my organizational skills to get things done. I love pitching and securing coverage so I will always continue to strive for those top hits!

Q. What's your greatest moment in PR so far?
Helping a previous client break a Guinness World Record for the longest line of rubber ducks - over 17,000 - and having Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about it on the Today Show.

Q. Who do you love to follow on Twitter and why?

Q. What's the one gadget service you wish someone would come up with?
Teleportation - so I can travel faster and more often.

Q. Android, iPhone, or other?
iPhone - 100%

Q. What's your favorite thing about living in the Bay Area?
Being close to my family (although I’m always missing my Texas family) and being able to drive to the snow, the beach, the mountains or the desert at any time.

Q. What do you love to do when you're not working?

  • Hang out with my family - whether it’s playing dominoes in the backyard, having Sunday dinners or going on trips to New Orleans - I’m so lucky to have the family I do.

  • Play with my adorable (almost two-year-old) corgi - her name is Laya and she is the sweetest, spunkiest little girl in the world.

  • Go to country music concerts - my favorite performer is Jason Aldean.

  • Have girl time - go out dancing with my best friends, get my nails done, shop, etc.

  • Eat Mexican food.

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Published: Sep 2, 2015


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