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Wake Up! It’s National Coffee Day

It doesn’t take much to keep the Cutline Crew a happy, productive one -- motivation from the greats, inspiring clients, some snacks, and of course, caffeine to help fuel our engines while we slay the day. In honor of National Coffee Day, we’re celebrating the drinks, spots, and products that keep us going -- and coming back for more.

Alex Bar, Rome, Italy - As a study abroad student, I was in constant need of that java juice to keep me sane and alert between classes, traveling to a different country every weekend, and all other “when in Rome”-influenced shenanigans. Luckily, Alex Bar, right downstairs from our school -- and run by the sweetest old gent, who wore a black vest and bow tie on the daily -- was there for me quando avevo bisogno di un cappuccino and a tasty cornetto di cioccolato to give me a boost before class. Ask for it da portare via, and you’ve got yourself a cappuccino “to go,” i.e. in a clear plastic cup with foil for a lid. I’d give anything to be at Alex Bar right.this.second. -- Sarah

iKettle - Alright, I might not drink coffee, but I’m a mad tea drinker! I’m dreaming of the iKettle, which would let me control my next cup of hot water over wifi. Need to wake up to tea in the morning? Done. Want tea ready when you’re home? Done. The iKettle even knows when there’s traffic and can heat up the water a little earlier to help get you going. That, plus this adorable mana-tea (get it?) infuser, is the recipe for a perfect cup of tea.  -- Nena

Twix Frappuccino - I definitely don’t drink these anymore because it’s a sugar overload in a cup, but the Twix Frappuccino was my Starbucks go-to in college. Although it satisfied my sweet teeth, my favorite part of the drink was ordering it. Since it’s not on the regular menu, I’d have to state every ingredient in the recipe. The look on the cashier’s face was always priceless when I said, “Hi, can I get a tall, decaf caramel frappuccino with extra caramel, java chips, a pump of hazelnut, a mocha drizzle on the side and a whip cream blend?” Try saying that five times fast.
-- Jordan

My Keurig - I know people either love or hate these machines but, as they say, to each their own, right?! I happen to love mine. It’s a single-serve version so I don’t have to worry about water sitting around in a reservoir getting funky (which can definitely be an issue with these machines). And there are many varieties of eco-friendly pods that can easily be recycled (as well as this handy gadget and this cool program). I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I would definitely be lost without my Keurig. And eggnog lattes in the winter. -- Erin

Oslo Coffee Roasters - This tiny, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop makes the best lattes and cappuccinos in my neighborhood, Upper East Side (New York City), and I love that it’s just two blocks away from my apartment! Tucked away in a quiet street, Oslo is a neighborhood gem that helps me stay caffeinated all weekend. -- Hyeri

Philz - They had me at mint mojito iced coffee. Seriously. It’s the most delicious way to stay caffeinated. I love visiting their truck a few blocks from our San Francisco office and their shop in Palo Alto, which has a cool vibe and is walking distance from our client Pebble’s office. -- Rachel

Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee* - Is seriously a gift from the coffee gods. Basically it’s their cold brew coffee, but it also has roasted chicory and sweetened organic cane sugar. The chicory spice gives it a little kick, and that paired with the caffeine will keep you going all day. Plus they just opened a brand new location a block from the Cutline San Francisco office, which makes it all too convenient to pick up on my way to work. -- Shelby

Starbucks Coconut Latte - Since Starbucks brought coconut milk to their US stores, their coconut latte has been my go-to order. I’m not a big soy milk fan, so I was stoked about their newest dairy alternative  (I sound so San Francisco right now). -- Annie

Four Barrel Coffee - When I moved to San Francisco, my best friend warned me that the city would turn me into the biggest coffee snob. Living in the Mission, there are approximately 20+ coffee shops within eight minute walking distance. Lucky for me, I live RIGHT above the best one, Four Barrel Coffee. With their light roasts, beautiful ceramic mugs and mega hipster-Mission vibe, you will find me many a Saturday in this magical coffee spot. -- Shaq

Dunkin’ Donuts - As we all know, America runs on Dunkin’. And let’s be honest -- who doesn’t love a regular cup of Dunkin’ coffee with cream and sugar and a side of chocolate glazed munchkins? It’s hard being away from my family now that I’m on the west coast, but what’s even harder is not having a Dunkin’ within a mile of me no matter where I am! The good news is, they’re coming to San Francisco and you better believe I’ll be in line for their grand opening. -- Mishri

My House, My Favorite Mug, with Warm Milk and the Newspaper (in print!) - Mornings at my house are pretty insane. Getting three elementary school kids up, fed, dressed, lunches made, and on our bikes to school is a frenzy. Coffee during the week is in a to-go cup. But on the weekends when the kids are entertaining themselves with nowhere to go, there is nothing better than reading the paper with my husband, drinking not-terribly-special home-brewed coffee from my favorite mug on the patio in our backyard. Somehow I married a non-coffee drinker, but I still let him hang around! -- Megan

*Editor’s Note: This is also a favorite for the Cutline NYC Crew! There were cheers all around when Blue Bottle opened in our building earlier this year!

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Published: Sep 29, 2015


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