Techy Turkey Time

It’s Thanksgiving week! My family and I are going a little overboard this year with the holiday. We’re having FOUR Thanksgivings! That’s right, four. We might as well call it “Thanksgivingssss.” Four days, four different locations, all classic turkey chow. My fellow Cutliners are fascinated with my plans and are wondering how I’m going to pull off all this cooking and eating. The truth am I. If you’re in my boat with a ton of gatherings, here are a few things to make both our lives easier this year.

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker with WeMo

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“Set it, and forget it!” But what if you really forgot?! You threw the food in the pot, timed it to be ready when you get home from the store, but turning it on slipped your mind. Now you can turn on your Crock-Pot, adjust the temperature and adjust the cook time from anywhere using the WeMo app. Sync them up and you’re free to connect and cook from the car! This can be purchased through Belkin or Amazon.

Chef Sleeves for iPhone

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I love trying new, interesting recipes I find on the internet. However, when I’ve got my phone in one hand and a spatula in the other, there’s a high risk of getting my screen dirty. The Orange Chef specializes in tech products to spice up your kitchen life, and I’m declaring them geniuses for creating this simple yet necessary need. This can be purchased through Amazon or Brookstone.


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I’m not a fan of cold weather at all. (Cutline NYC thinks I’m wimpy for complaining about the SF winter weather.) This is why I get really excited for all the hot, delicious, seasonal drinks to warm up my chilled fingers. Sleepytime vanilla tea, hot apple cider and hot cocoa get me through the frosty days. Sometimes my shivering body gets impatient and frustrated at my tea kettle for taking an eternity to heat up. Never fear, iKettle is here! iKettle can be hooked up over WiFi and will have hot water ready for tasty apple cider right when your guests arrive. This can be purchased through Smarter Store or Amazon.

What gadget(s) do you love for help in the kitchen? Tweet us @cutline! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Published: Nov 24, 2015


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