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Katie’s Tips for an Aspiring PR Rockstar!

Ever wondered how we got our start here at Cutline? You’re in luck! We’re bringing a new column to Cutline Speaks that showcases the stories of how Cutliners turned into PR rockstars. To kick off our inaugural post, check out how Katie Jacks became a marvelous manager!

How did you get your start in PR?
I was originally a business major in college, but I took a class on PR and loved the subject (and my teacher) right away. After that, I changed my major to journalism with an emphasis in PR. My college professors were great and encouraging, which made it an easy decision. Plus, I love talking to people and learning about technology, making it a way better fit for me!

What’s your latest/favorite hit so far?
My favorite / latest coverage hit was getting Pebble and Pebble Health on

What’s a top tip you’d offer to someone aspiring to become a PR rockstar?
Be a go-getter and never stop chasing your dreams of becoming a PR rockstar. Some days may be tough, but working with amazing people and securing those top-tier coverage hits that make your clients happy, make it all worth it.

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Published: Mar 11, 2016


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