What Cutline Loves About Spring

March 20 officially marked the first day of spring, and while East Coasters got a few inches of snow that day, that doesn’t bring down our excitement for SPRING! From spring flowers to outdoor activities and spring fashion trends, there are a lot of things about spring that we love.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Brooklyn, NY): There’s nothing more romantic than being surrounded by pink cherry blossoms, and for New Yorkers, the best place to view these flowers is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The park has an amazing collection of cherry blossoms in its Japanese Garden (26 species to be exact!), and it provides the perfect spot for pictures with your friends and loved ones. I can’t wait to finally check it out this year and flood my Instagram feed with pictures of these gorgeous cherry blossoms! -- Hyeri

Hikes in the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA): More sunlight means more time to safely sprint in the great outdoors! I’m an avid hiker, and I take advantage of fogless days by driving out to Point Reyes and Big Sur for epic trails. The best hike I’ve *ever* been on was Alamere Falls last spring, where I went through several different terrains. The trail has narrow forestry, meadows, a beach with a waterfall, and so much more! It’s 150% worth the windy drive it takes to get there. Last weekend, I went to The Pogonip in Santa Cruz and highly recommend it! Can’t wait to see what other hikes the season has in store for me. -- Uzma

Japanese Tea Gardens (Golden Gate Park, SF): Cherry blossoms everywhere! Whenever I need a little peace and relaxation in my life, I head to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park to steal some quiet time alone. The running water, stillness of the park, and beautiful surroundings leave me feeling rejuvenated!
-- Darah

The Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market (Sunnyvale, CA): While farmer’s markets are great year-round, I especially love them in the spring, when they have a huge selection of beautiful flowers (especially sunflowers)! I’m a 3-minute walk from the market in downtown Sunnyvale, and every Saturday when the weather is nice and warm, I stroll down to Murphy Ave. to listen to the live music, pick up some fresh vegetables and hummus, occasionally indulge in a fresh crepe with strawberries and nutella, and pick up my weekly bunch of flowers to brighten up the house! -- Mishri

Sundresses and Rompers!: I’m not a fan of the cold weather in the winter, so when spring arrives I’m excited to see the latest fashion trends in stores. Floral patterns, jean jackets and sandals excite me for taking in the spring sunshine. -- Jordan

Outdoor concerts: The nice spring weather makes the lawn seats at my local concert venues (Concord Pavilion and Shoreline Amphitheater) the best! Bring a group of friends, a big blanket and some cold drinks, and you’re destined to have a good time! -- Katie

My backyard: Spring to me means a sunny yard, blooming flowers, happy furry animals basking in the warmer weather, and the chance to enjoy meals outside. My husband and I love using our old charcoal BBQ to make dinner and relax with family, friends or just each other around our table outdoors. -- Esther

Sun! Whenever, wherever, however I can get it -- from reclaiming the color winter took away from me by laying out in Central Park's Sheep Meadow, to taking a walk along the High Line or going for a run along the East River. As New Yorkers know, the sun's a hot commodity (pun intended!) around these parts, and when we feel that transition from the chill in our bones to chillin' outside start to happen, the world is that much sweeter. -- Sarah

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Published: Mar 25, 2016


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