Survey Says: Stock Market Investing is for Old, White Men…

...according to more than half of millennial women, as revealed by a new survey from *client plug* Stash and Harris Poll. Stash, a fast-growing investment app for millennials (available for Android today!), conducted a survey to gauge perceptions around investing. The findings revealed that nearly 80% of Americans age 18-34 don’t invest, and confirmed millennials still need -- and want -- education around how to start investing.

Not only do millennial women equate the typical investor to an old, white man (60%), but they find investing as a whole to be confusing (76%) and unrelatable (60%), suggesting they’re still in the dark about how to become an investor.

Millennials also believe it takes a lot to start. Seventy percent of millennials think they need at least $100 to start investing in the stock market, while 38 percent think they need at least $1,000, which shows us money continues to be a top barrier.

You might even say millennial men are more invested in growing their biceps than their investments! Sixty-five of millennial men don’t find investing in the stock market to be more fun than going to the gym. The same percentage of male millennials said it would be very important for them to decide which companies or funds to invest their money in, which suggests they crave choice when it comes to where their money goes -- and that automated investing platforms may be a turn-off.

Download the app now if you haven’t already, to see how Stash is finally breaking down the barriers to investing!

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Published: Apr 1, 2016


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