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Cool App Alert: ModiFace

I wish I could change my hair color as often as I change my nail polish. While I can’t dye my hair from blonde, to blue, to black and expect to have any hair left, at least I can easily see what I would look like with the ‘do I am dreaming of! Enter ModiFace, a free photo editor and virtual makeover app. You can upload a selfie and virtually try-on different hair colors and hairstyles, as well as top brand lipsticks, glosses, shadows, mascara, highlighters, bronzers, and foundation products. There also features for teeth whitening and lip plumping.

I know a few users have complained about needing to purchase in-app upgrades for the hairstyles and makeup products they want to “try,” but I’ve been content with the hundreds of options available at no cost. Also, if you go overboard with product, you can look fake or computerized. But my complaints are more on the design side -- the app isn’t beautiful. It’s also easy to hit the wrong buttons. Overall, though, I suggest you give it a shot if you want to want to alter your appearance without actually altering your appearance!

When I do decide to go for my next hair appointment, I’m definitely showing my hairstylist this app, with the picture of myself in the cut I want. I usually take pictures from Pinterest, but it’ll be way easier to commit to front bangs if I know exactly how they look on my face.

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Published: May 11, 2016


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