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The Wizardry of Giffage

A few months ago I published a blog post around the Giphy Extension. My love for GIFs has not subsided -- I use them all the time. And companies are realizing how great they are too. I recently attended *Yahoo’s Mobile Developer Conference where Tumblr’s Max Sebela discussed how great GIFs are for content marketing campaigns. (*client plug)

Since I use GIFs all the time, I would constantly keep the Giphy site open in my mobile browser. That way, when inspiration struck, I could open my browser and search away. But this task is quite annoying. Switching from text to internet, copying and pasting… I began to stop using gifs. But then I found Giffage!

Giffage is a keyboard extension that allows you to search for gifs, right on the keyboard of your messages (real life example above.) Now I only need to switch the keyboard that I’m using to have instant access to all the GIFs in the universe. I love technology.

Cutline Communications
Published: May 25, 2016


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