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What We’re Watching

In the latest installment of “What We’re Watching,” we highlight the shows and movies we’re currently obsessing over and binge watching in our free time. This week we hear from Shaq!



What did you watch?

What technology / app(s) did you watch it on?

  • Laptop

What did you think?

  • This was the most adorable movie. It's about a bunch of folks who live in Iowa and sculpt butter for the State Fair. Doesn't sound that cute, but it really was!

What do you plan on watching next?

  • Stranger Things on Netflix. Check out this awesome story from Rolling Stone!


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Apps for Cats

Yes, you read this post title correctly. Homo sapiens aren’t the only tech-obsessed creatures -- you can easily turn your iPad into something your cat can play with for hours! As President of the Crazy Cat Lady Club, I’m excited to share my [cat’s] favorite free iPad apps that prompt stimulation, meows, howls, and growls.

  • Friskies Cat Fishing 2 – Friskies created this simple game with one rule: swipe at the colored fish that swim across the screen. You cat will win points for every fish swiped in a record amount of time. Note that cats all over the world are competing for the highest score… does your feline have what it takes to be #1?


  • Game for Cats – All cats love the red laser dot. It’s a fact. This app lets your cat try to catch that dot!
  • Cat Toys Lite – Cat + mouse = endless entertainment! Your cat will be tasked with catching a pink mouse that scurries across the screen. The mouse responds to touch -- if it’s caught, it will wriggle away. cat lite

Try these out and let me know what you think! Don’t worry too much about damaging your iPad -- in my three years of mothering a furball, I’ve never encountered any issues with scratches. They typically use their paws, not their claws.

Do you use any apps to keep your cat busy? Tweet us some of your faves!

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Is it Time to Eat? Fun Food Inspiration for Home Chefs

I’ve always been one of those people who is constantly thinking about and counting down to my next meal. For me, food isn’t just a way to keep my engine running -- it’s a way to celebrate the best of what life has to offer. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes, cookbooks, Instagram accounts and food blogs to follow in my quest to be a better home chef. Here are a few I recommend if you’re looking for culinary inspiration.


Instacart is one of our clients, and we love ordering our snacks for Cutline (in San Francisco and New York City!) through the website and app. One fun Instacart feature I’ve started using in my personal time is Lists & Recipes on They have tons of delicious ideas, like this healthy frappuccino, and better yet, you can easily add the ingredients to your cart and order them for delivery in as little as one hour. How’s that for convenience!

Ambitious Kitchen

This food blog is described as “Wholesome, clean eating focused food blog with beautiful, creative recipes and feel good inspiration.” True, true and true! I love this blog. I’m all about indulging and I love things like french fries and nacho cheese as much as the next gal, but I also am a big fan of healthy spins on indulgences. Take these quinoa flour pancakes -- we tried these the other weekend and my husband said, “these taste healthy.” What a compliment! And with these, you won’t feel like your blood sugar crashes an hour after eating and turns you into a raging lunatic. Also, for some cookies that won’t leave you with a sugar hangover, these two-ingredient delights are a winner. You’ll love them!

Photo credit: Ambitious Kitchen

Whole30 Instagram

I was encouraged to try the Whole30 diet from Erin’s adventures, and even though I didn’t make it to day 30, I continue to follow their Instagram account. They frequently have food bloggers “take over” their account, sharing recipes that will make you drool.

Bon Appetit

I have to give a nod to this classic standard in culinary treasures. Bon Appetit is a great magazine with tips on cool restaurants, kitchen gear, cooking advice and of course, mouth watering recipes that actually aren’t that complicated. What’s more, the email newsletter offers extra bang for your buck with a “recipe of the day” along with similar recipes to try out. I’m anxious to give this Cast Iron Pizza a whirl. Such a cool idea.

Photo credit: Bon Apetit

And there you have it. Time to hit the kitchen!