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Apps for Cats

Yes, you read this post title correctly. Homo sapiens aren’t the only tech-obsessed creatures -- you can easily turn your iPad into something your cat can play with for hours! As President of the Crazy Cat Lady Club, I’m excited to share my [cat’s] favorite free iPad apps that prompt stimulation, meows, howls, and growls.

Friskies Cat Fishing 2 – Friskies created this simple game with one rule: swipe at the colored fish that swim across the screen. You cat will win points for every fish swiped in a record amount of time. Note that cats all over the world are competing for the highest score… does your feline have what it takes to be #1?

Game for Cats – All cats love the red laser dot. It’s a fact. This app lets your cat try to catch that dot!

Cat Toys Lite – Cat + mouse = endless entertainment! Your cat will be tasked with catching a pink mouse that scurries across the screen. The mouse responds to touch -- if it’s caught, it will wriggle away.

YouTube – I have to give a really special shout out to YouTube for keeping my kitty entertained for HOURS. A couple of her favorite videos are “Funny Cats and Kittens Meowing Compilation 2015” -- she’ll hear other cats yapping away and go crazy trying to figure out where the noises are coming from -- and Birds of Many Colours.

Try these out and let me know what you think! Don’t worry too much about damaging your iPad -- in my three years of mothering a furball, I’ve never encountered any issues with scratches. They typically use their paws, not their claws.

Do you use any apps to keep your cat busy? Tweet us some of your faves!

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Published: Jul 14, 2016


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