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Apps Every Hiker Needs

I’m looking forward to spending as many days outdoor as possible this season with my Nikes and fanny pack. And, I’m not going to settle for just any trail. Good hikes take planning, and I’ll be using a few key apps to find the perfect trail, navigate it, and make the most of my time outdoors.

AllTrails (free for iOS and Android): This app boasts 50K+ trails in the U.S., so you’re never short of finding the perfect weekend trail. You can search by location, and whether you’re looking for a gentle, moderate, or strenuous hike. Scroll through photos of any obstacles and/or scenery, or create your own trail.

EveryTrail (available on mobile web): This is another great app with 50K+ user-submitted maps and travel tips for your next outdoor adventure. Beyond hiking, you can find trails for biking, skiing, and sailing. Note the app hasn’t been updated since TripAdvisor acquired EveryTrail a few years ago, and it doesn’t have as great of a UI as AllTrails, but it’s still jam-packed with info.

MapMyHike (free for iOS and Android): Okay, so now you’re 4 miles deep into your trail and wish you knew how many calories you’ve burned so far. Use this app to log your food, track calories, and sync to a wearable, in addition to mapping trails and viewing others’ trail treks. You can also quantify your pace, elevation, and distance.

Project Noah (free for iOS): I turn into a five-year-old when I see wildlife out and about, and I use this app to learn which animals I’m likely to see on my trail. You can also find information on plants and trees in the area, and upload your own wildlife encounters.

First Aid by Red Cross (free for iOS and Android): Better to be safe than sorry. This is an official Red Cross app with pre-loaded information on what to do in case of an emergency. If you have a concussion, asthma attack, or are caught in an earthquake, this app will provide instant, step-by-step instructions on how to deal with injuries.

What apps do you use in the great outdoors? Comment below or tweet us @Cutline with your must-haves.

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Published: Oct 5, 2016


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