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All That We Are Thankful For This Year

Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving in many ways: with amazing food (turkey and stuffing!), time spent with friends and family, Turkey Trots, and even some Black Friday shopping. It is also a time of self-reflection, when we can look back on the past year and appreciate everything that surrounds us.

At Cutline, we are thankful for many things, including our lovely colleagues who we are so privileged to work with every single day, and the awesome clients we represent! Here are a few more things Cutliners are thankful for this year:

A healthy family, wonderful job and coworkers, the cutest pup in the whole world, and snacks! -- Liz

This year, more than any other year, I’m thankful for fresh air (and my freedom and ability to breathe fresh air), smiles from strangers, and puppy love. I’m also extraordinarily thankful for my incredibly strong network of family, friends and teammates who have played an instrumental role in helping me get through the many hurdles of this past year. Together, we are most definitely stronger. -- Erin

I’m extremely thankful to have so many kind, curious, and tolerant people in my life - not only friends and family, but my colleagues who I have the honor of calling friends AND family. -- Esther

After spending time working in the emergency room, I am thankful for my health, and for having the privilege to maintain it. I am especially thankful for my family and friends, and the wonderful people I get to call coworkers, who continue to teach me, inspire me, and support me. -- Meg

Grateful for clean water, a loving home, good health, food in the fridge, non-violent spaces to share my opinion and ensure my voice is heard, and a rewarding job. During Thanksgiving and always, I stand in solidarity with the indigenous people and other oppressed groups who don’t have access to the basic things I can take for granted. -- Uzma

I’m thankful to be given the chance to live each day to share a smile, hug someone next to me, and spread love. I am thankful for my family, a new fiance(!!!), friends, and a loving community that makes me feel so grateful to come to work every single day. -- Hyeri

I am thankful for an amazing childhood and parents who still adore each other. I am also thankful for a supportive, inclusive workplace filled with an inspiring group of coworkers, and the privilege to feel genuinely happy every single day. -- Chloe

Incredibly grateful for this life, and the friends, family and coworkers whom I have the opportunity to share it with. Today, and every day, I’m thankful for those around the globe who ceaselessly continue to spread love and compassion, and volunteer their time to the communities that need it the most. -- Mishri

This year I am grateful for this beautiful, crazy and big world. It has taught me to be more open, love even when I don’t want to, and be empathetic, because EVERYONE is working through their own personal struggles. -- Shaq

I am thankful for my supportive family and friends, my caring boyfriend, my smart colleagues and other kind, happy people in this world. It’s been a crazy year but loved ones can always remind you to stay positive and be compassionate towards others. I’m also thankful for pets, including my corgi Laya, because they always cheer you up, even when times are tough. --Katie

I am thankful for my incredible friends and family, especially my husband and son on the way. I’m always thankful for oreos, cupcakes, bulldogs, the freedom to speak my mind and work with the most talented group of women! -- Camille

Growing up with a supportive foundation of parents, teachers, mentors, friends, and family members who were accepting when I wanted to leave my hometown in search of something greater, encouraged my growth, enabled my humor and outlandish ideas, and told me to shoot for the stars. That’s a luxury in this world not everyone is afforded. I’m also thankful to journey toward the (continued) shattering of glass ceilings. -- Sarah

I am thankful for kindness and love — they fill our hearts and create a more tolerant world. I am thankful for optimism and hopefulness — they give us purpose and move us forward. I am thankful for the diversity of opinions — even if I don’t agree, I learn. And I am thankful for laughter — it can be our greatest healer and the strongest uniter. -- Megan


Cutline Crew
Published: Nov 22, 2016

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