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Creative Challenge: Haikus!

“Brevity is the soul of wit” (Shakespeare). “Less is more” (Robert Browning). “Keep it simple, stupid” (Kelly Johnson). We’ve heard many things about brevity throughout our lives and in business, because sometimes you don’t need to say very much to communicate an idea or observation. That’s what makes haikus so fun to read -- and at the same time, so challenging to write. For last month’s creative challenge, Cutliners were encouraged to use haikus -- three-line poems with a 5-7-5 syllable structure -- to speak their minds. The results:

Popeyes on my mind
It won't be soon before long
Before I eat you
-- Sarah

The world is scary
Now where do we go from here
Thank goodness for dogs
-- Esther

Winter must be here
My lips are always chapped now
Where is my Chapstick?
-- Hyeri

There were three blind mice
Without sight there were three mice
These mice played in rice
-- Paul

They say less is more
But when it comes to cupcakes
There is no such thing
-- Erin

Favorite “hi” hardest “bye”
We have no seasons
-- Uzma

PB&J yum
It’s no good without Ruffles
Sweet, salty goodness
-- Mishri


Cutline Crew
Published: Dec 22, 2016

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