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Fast Company & Sephora on The Next Generation of Influencers

At Cutline, we’re always excited to learn more about the latest and greatest in digital marketing; so when we heard Fast Company was hosting a panel with Sephora on social influencers, we jumped at the chance to attend. Set in Sephora’s beautiful Union Square store, we were in for an evening of insightful conversation on how Sephora finds and builds meaningful relationships with passionate beauty fans around the world. The panel was moderated by Didi Gluck of Fast Company, and Sephora executives included Mary Beth Laughton, SVP of Digital; Bridget Dolan, VP of Innovation; and Bindu Shah, VP of Digital Marketing. Here were some of our biggest takeaways:

One thing I found interesting about the program was that Sephora doesn’t choose their social influencers by numbers or how many followers they have. Rather, they choose them by how engaged their followers are on social media, and how well they represent the Sephora brand. Essentially, anyone can become a social influencer if you are passionate about a brand. I thought this was an interesting and modern take to influencer marketing. -- Shaq

Sephora also emphasized their dedication to democratizing beauty. They’re passionate about connecting their community to different conversations about brands, make-up techniques, and other people with like-minded interests. It’s been nice to see more diverse influencers and inclusive campaigns rising in the beauty world, and I’ll be watching Sephora more closely to see how they’re going even further to empower people of all ages, skin tones, and hair types to share their beauty knowledge in a way that is self-empowering and authentic. -- Uzma

A member of the audience asked an interesting question: “Does Sephora leverage influencers in the baby boomer generation?” This is a generation that is a dedicated beauty consumer, but doesn’t necessarily hone in on the tech savviness of say, millennials. This is something that I’ll be watching more closely with Sephora, as well as other brands that utilize influencers. -- Chloe

I really loved learning about Sephora’s focus on finding authentic influencers to represent their brand. Going back to Shaq’s point, it’s not necessarily about how many followers they have, but how passionate they are about your brand and how true they stay to its values. One fun story Sephora shared was about an influencer who created a video with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, back when it was shaped like a genie bottle. The influencer actually cut the bottle in half - on video - so that she could scoop out the last bits of the product. Sephora and Urban Decay were huge fans of this video, because it was authentic -- the influencer loved the product so much that she wanted to get out every last drop she could. -- Esther

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Published: Feb 1, 2017

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