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Intern Picks: Top 10 Shows to Watch on Netflix

Like anyone else, I love Netflix. I love unwinding after a long day with a glass of wine and a compelling show. I love re-watching old movies as background noise when I’m working. And I love cuddling up to my dog (or boyfriend if he’s lucky), and binge-watching a series on a lazy Sunday. At Cutline, we’re constantly discussing our favorite series, and making recommendations to one another about what to watch next. So, I decided to share my personal top 10 favorite shows on Cutline Speaks!

  1. Arrested Development - This quirky and witty comedy series might be one of the most clever and well-written shows I’ve ever watched. The characters and storyline are woven into a complex and hilarious flying snafu of events, and the best part is, it never gets old. I’ve rewatched all three seasons too many times to count, and still find hidden meanings in old jokes.
  2. Parks and Recreation - If you like Amy Poehler, and mockumentary-style shows like The Office, you’ll love Parks and Recreation. The light-hearted yet compelling plot, combined with lovable characters and absurd situations create the perfect storm of comedy. You won’t be able to stop watching it.
  3. Black Mirror - Eerie, dark, and ominous, Black Mirror tells stories of a not-so-distant-future, and it’s not necessarily pretty. Each episode is unique, offering a sometimes grotesque and horrifying glimpse into a world consumed with technology. I was captivated by underlying themes related to our obsession with social media, the impact of climate change, and the future of artificial intelligence.
  4. An Idiot Abroad - Ricky Gervais takes pranking to the extreme, by sending Karl Pilkington, a close-minded homebody, on a trip to see the Seven Wonders of the World. Shot in HD, this documentary film series shows the world through Karl’s eyes, as he is forced to do things like swim in the Ganges River, eat bugs, and learn about local customs.
  5. Stranger Things - This nostalgic drama series brought sci-fi back in a big way. Stranger Things takes everything you love about E.T. and 80’s kid-hero movies, and turns them into something relevant and captivating. You’ll be hooked from episode one.
  6. Master of None - Aziz Ansari created Master of None as a comedic, yet relatable drama series that depicts life as a young adult. He explores themes that he touches on in his stand-up act, including dating, starting a career, having kids, and gender issues.
  7. Chef’s Table - This documentary series follows the world’s greatest and most accomplished chefs. Each episode depicts a Michelin star-rated chef, and their creative and personal journey to culinary success. Filmed in HD, this spectacularly beautiful series will make you fall in love with the art of food.
  8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - This is a show that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did, but let me tell you -- I couldn’t stop watching it. This quirky and weird musical series follows a lawyer who decides to uproot her fast-paced and successful New York life to live in West Covina, Calif., in the pursuit of happiness. A satire on modern musicals and dramas, this show explores issues of depression, self-esteem, and feminism in a light-hearted, yet profound way.
  9. Portlandia - Fred Armisen might be one of the funniest comedians ever. Teamed up with Carrie Brownstein, the duo depict life in Portland in an off-the-wall comedy series. If you like making fun of hipsters in unusual and satirical ways, you’ll love Portlandia. Fred and Carrie play an array of different characters, from feminist bookstore owners, to an outdoorsy and pretentious couple. Never taking itself too seriously, this show often depicts Carrie and Fred playing the opposite sex, and constantly pushes the boundaries of comedy.
  10. Bob’s Burgers - One of the few cartoon comedy series that is hilarious without being vulgar, Bob’s Burgers depicts a dysfunctional yet strong family that owns and runs a burger restaurant. This show is fun, easy to watch, and addictive.

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Published: Feb 9, 2017


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