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A Night with Women Catalysts

At Cutline, we’re always excited to check out new events and support organizations dedicated to female empowerment and career growth. Recently, a couple of us Cutliners decided to check out an event held by Women Catalysts at General Assembly, for their monthly “Lightning Talks.” The fact that it was hosted on International Women’s Day made it all the better! 

If you’re not familiar, Women Catalysts is an inclusive community “on a mission to inspire the catalyst in every woman with powerful storytelling, lasting community, and the best resources.” Its Lightning Talks are an open-mic style format where women can get up and share personal stories -- capped at three minutes. There’s also a fun “guided networking” component that gives you the opportunity to chat with other women around prompted topics over wine and snacks -- taking much of the awkwardness out of your typical networking events! Here are a few highlights from this month’s event that we wanted to share.

This was my first time at a Women Catalysts event and I already know it won’t be my last. I really liked that the night started with a networking session that introduced me to a wide range of women, from educators, to founders, to other PR folk. I loved seeing the diverse women that the event drew, and hearing their unique stories through the Lightning Talks. -- Alexa

I was blown away by the Lightning Talks. Despite the diverse topics the speakers covered, one common theme that stood out to me was not being afraid to take risks -- whether it’s starting a new project, a new career, or putting yourself out there in an email. All of the women getting up to speak were clearly so accomplished, and powerful with their communication -- yet they expressed many of the same fears and self-doubts. There was something really inspiring in that. -- Esther

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Published: Mar 15, 2017

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