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7 Questions With…Sav McBride!

Q. What will you do at Cutline?
As a Cutliner, I hope to bring to the agency the creative ideas and exceptional delivery that it has built its reputation on. I hope to challenge myself and be challenged by my colleagues to do my best work as a Senior Account Executive, all while thriving in a one-of-a-kind (exceptionally awesome) company culture. 

Q. What's your greatest moment in PR so far?
Taking a seemingly impossible idea and making it not only a reality, but a PR success. In media relations, taking a crazy idea to Travel + Leisure and driving a one-year editorial partnership. In social media, transforming a seemingly nerdy tech product into a cool gadget at a major music festival. In my career path, joining an agency (*cough cough* Cutline) where I am excited to walk into the office every day, have clients I am proud to work with, and a team I couldn’t imagine being any more supportive and amazing.

Q. Who do you love to follow on Twitter and why?
@Brilliant_Ads … It gives me a little creative inspiration each day with unique and powerful ads from around the world.  I’m all about the visuals!

Q. What's the one gadget service you wish someone would come up with?
An app that provides different, fun ideas to do everyday depending on the weather, the time of year, holidays, your location, personal interests/tastes, etc. I love trying new things and exploring the incredible city of SF, but (like most women) have a tough time making minor decisions. The amount of time I spend Yelping and Googling things to do has gotten a bit out of control, so an app like this would be a real game changer for me.

Q. Android, iPhone, or other?
iPhone #folife

Q. What's your favorite thing about living in the Bay Area?
The amount of outdoor activities to do! Though the weather can be unpredictable, when it is nice out, there is NOTHING like it. Spending a day at Dolo picnicking, a spontaneous trip to the Giants stadium for a game, a bike ride over to Sausalito, rooftop brunching… what more could you ask for?

Q. What do you love to do when you're not working?
All of the above… plus, I love cooking/coming up with clean eating recipes, adventuring in the city via my bike, wining and hosting wine/game nights with friends, and visual journaling.


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Published: Apr 5, 2017


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