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Six Apps for Surviving a New City

As exciting as a big move to a new city can be, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost (literally). From apartment hunting to finding the city’s best brunch, moving can get tricky. Luckily, there are many apps and websites that will help you survive your new city and get the most out of your fresh start. As someone who just made the move from Florida to NYC, I’ve used the apps below to help me get situated in Manhattan.


Walk Score: Walk Score is a neighborhood-matching app that gives you commute options and other essential info, like safety scores. It also has tips on nearby restaurants, grocery stores and even schools.

Nooklyn: Apartment hunting can be a nightmare, but Nooklyn is a way to find a place to live in New York City without the scary. Nooklyn focuses on matching you with a neighborhood that’s right for you and then helps you find  people who are looking for roommates. Roomi is another roommate matching app with locations outside of New York.


Like a Local: This app is perfect for finding your new favorite Friday night spot or a post-work happy hour with your new co-workers. It recommends bars and hangout spots that will make you feel like you’ve lived in your new home for years.

Field Trip: The Field Trip app offers some of the same features as Like a Local like recommendations, but what sets it apart is its historical cards. This app will give you short background blurbs on interesting locations and landmarks as you’re walking by them. It also keeps you in-the-know on nearby events based on your GPS location.


Mint: Budgeting for a new life in a new city can be hard, and this personal-finance app helps you stay on top of your money. Once it’s synced with your bills and cards, the app will keep track of your transactions, give you saving tips and help you create budgets.


Weekender: The Weekender app comes courtesy of the MTA in New York City, and let me tell you, it’s essential whether you’re new to New York, just visiting, or have lived here for years. The NYC subways can be tricky, and this app keeps you updated on subway’s planned service changes, so you aren’t waiting on a train that’s not in service.


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Published: Jul 18, 2017


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