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Extreme Coupons: The App Edition

Let’s face it, living in a big city like San Francisco is a blessing for me but not so much for my wallet. During my very recent college years, I got myself into the habit of looking for different ways to save a little extra cash. Over time I have found some of the most useful apps that help me find discounts, save some money, and track my spending.

Cartwheel - I can confidently say I have never walked into a Target and only left with what I originally went in for. While a good Target run may be good for the soul, Cartwheel makes it great for the budget too! The app lists all of the store’s current deals and coupons, and allows you to pick out your favorites to use on your next trip. All of the savings are then compiled onto one barcode, which you scan at the end of the transaction and watch the savings roll.

Gametime - San Francisco never fails to have amazing events happening on any given day. From baseball games to concerts to theater performances, the options are endless! Gametime makes purchasing tickets for these events a breeze as fans are able to buy and sell tickets within the app, and download them to a digital wallet. The app focuses on having the best prices for tickets around, helping you save money against other ticket vendors.

Ebates - When I first came across Ebates I assumed it was too good to be true. Free cash back for the online shopping I already do? There’s no way! However, after some research and praise from friends, I have found that Ebates is just as cool as it sounds. They have some of my favorite places to shop such as Sephora and Nike, with rebates ranging from 4%-8% cash back. They also have frequent double cash back days, which means even more money in your pocket!

UniDays - For anyone still in school, this is your lifesaver! Once you verify your student status, you unlock amazing discounts from popular brands and online shops. Clothing stores like ASOS and Levi’s, and discounts on memberships such as Apple Music and ZipCar are just a few of the many deals they offer. The deals change frequently, so you never run out of places to save!

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Published: Aug 3, 2017


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