I Planned My Dinner Party on Pinterest and it (Mostly) Turned Out Pinterest-Perfect!

Close friends of ours recently shared that they were moving to Seattle, and my husband and I wanted to have a special night in to enjoy good food, wine and conversation with them. #longlivethedinnerparty!

As I was scrolling through Pinterest last week, I got ‘Pinspired’ to plan the whole dinner on Pinterest...table setting, cocktails, and the entire menu. Four out of the five recipes turned out amazing (the guests will vouch, promise!) and it was so fun to pull the menu together in such a visual way.

We went Italian-themed, so we kicked off the evening with Negroni and tonics. I was a bit aggressive with the grapefruit zest, but who doesn’t like a little punch to their drink?

I can’t do Italian without having some bruschetta - it is one of my all-time faves. And nothing says I love you to your guests like giving them stinky garlic breath at the start of the night.

Next came a simple caprese salad of avocado (because avocado makes everything taste better), mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with a fresh pesto dressing and torn basil leaves.

One skillet main course? Yes please. One skillet dishes make any cooking itinerary that much easier. We cooked up chicken with sweet Italian sausage and brussel sprouts. So good. And I ate the leftovers the very next night and they were even more amazing. (ps. The fresh rosemary is from our garden. Thanks Dad!)

Was dessert the icing on the cake? No dice. The only dish that fell flat was the fresh cream lemon cake. Not the recipe’s fault at all…I over-baked it by about five minutes. That’s what happens when you try and balance entertaining two little kiddos while cooking all afternoon! The result was really flavorful, but it was so dry that we all chose to indulge in a dark chocolate bar instead. (That finger in the photo is my daughter trying to sneak a taste before the party!)

I kept track of all the ideas I tried from Pinterest by sharing my photos and feedback right on each Pin. Hopefully, this will help future hosts avoid a #Pinterestfail! Check out my board here. Thank you, Pinterest, for being the best wingman for dinner party planning.

Carrie Weiss
Published: Apr 13, 2018


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