7 Questions with…Dacyl Armendariz

We're so excited to introduce you to the latest Cutliner to join the Cutline Crew! We welcome Dacyl from Austin, TX and she constantly has us giggling. Read on to learn more...

What will you do at Cutline?

I’ll be working with the team to tell our client’s stories. This includes writing, pitching, collaborating, brainstorming, editing, rewriting, and learning a lot.

What's your greatest moment in PR so far?

My favorite part of working in PR is that moment when an idea you pitched becomes live content. The most memorable of those moments for me was when a story I pitched as part of a PR agency team for GE Capital grew from a compelling online article into a two-page spread in the print edition of Forbes Magazine.

Who inspires you and why?

This is a cliche for a reason, but I have the most incredible mom in the world. Seriously, mine is better than yours.  

My mother raised my sister and I as a single parent, and still managed to get her degree in electrical engineering and establish an impressive career for herself. She taught me how to change a tire and replace my brake pads. She built the furniture my sister and I had in our childhood rooms WITH HER OWN HANDS. She’s the reason I went to college and understand the value of independence. Sometimes when I’m eating handfuls of cereal straight from the box and calling it “dinner” or slapping duct tape on something and calling it “fixed,” I wonder how she managed to do all of that.

What's the one gadget or service you wish someone would come up with?

I feel really fortunate that there are so many services that make it possible for me to avoid doing many of the things I sincerely detest, like going to the grocery store or shopping for clothes. Seriously, what a time to be alive! That said, if someone could figure out a way to eliminate the need to head to the gas station to refill my car, I would be eternally grateful. My current process, which includes waiting for the alert my car gives when I’m on “E”  and then pushing it just 30-40 miles more before reluctantly pulling into the gas station, isn’t exactly foolproof.

Android, iPhone, or other?

I’ve been an iPhone loyalist since I laid my hands on the first generation release from Apple, but last year I decided to make the move to the Pixel 2, so I’m an Android gal now.

What's your favorite thing about living in the Bay Area?

The weather! I grew up in Austin, TX, where the temperature resembles that of the sun about eight months of the year. Weather that requires the use of a jacket year-round is my dream. The proximity to beautiful mountains, beaches, and gorgeous views all around doesn’t hurt either.

What do you love to do when you're not working?

If I’m not sitting in front my computer you can usually find me in the kitchen alternatively trying new recipes and cleaning obsessively, at the movie theater trying to watch everything that’s been released, or checking out a show at one of the many incredible live music venues in the area. As a Bay Area newbie — I moved here just over a year ago — I spend a lot of my time getting lost… uh, I mean, exploring.

Carrie Weiss
Published: May 31, 2018


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