Outside Lands 2018

Summer is upon us, and here in San Francisco, that means a few things: baseball games, running to the beach on our (few) warm days, and Outside Lands. This music, arts, and food festival takes place at the beautiful Golden Gate Park, and a few of us at Cutline were lucky enough to attend this time around (it’s really hard to get tickets!). Here are some of our favorite experiences from this past weekend.

Elizabeth: One of my favorite things was the Augmented Reality (AR) experience hosted by 19 Crimes winery! They had a pop-up decorated like a ship, and had actors with English accents greet us and show us around. The coolest part was integrated in the wine labels of each bottle. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, each bottle has a mugshot of one of 19 different criminals, and when you use their AR app to look at each bottle, they come to life and tell you their stories! It was such a fun experience as we looked at each different bottle. On top of that, I also volunteered for the festival, which granted me complimentary tickets! I helped pass out maps/schedules at the front gates for two four-hour shifts, and it resulted in an awesome experience for a minimal cost.

Chloe: While I spent most of my time hanging out at the stages, I was one of the lucky few who was able to see Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix’s Queer Eye! He hosted a live recording of his podcast, and I couldn’t believe how awesome he is in person. I never stopped laughing, and now want him to be my best friend. Plus, he kills it as a hair stylist so who wouldn’t love someone like that to have around?

Courtney: Um, the food?! Festivals are typically known for expensive food, and while OSL was no exception, the food selection is curated by the best of the best from here in SF. Everywhere I walked I was discovering new foods I wanted to try, and had the time of my life. From lobster fries to chicken and waffles, I loved every single calorie of it.

Have you ever been to Outside Lands? We’d love to hear your favorite memory! Tweet us @Cutline.

Carrie Weiss
Published: Aug 17, 2018


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