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Fun Language Learning Apps

Last year, I made a New Year's Resolution to travel more in 2016 -- and I am happy to share that I actually achieved it. In February, I packed my rain boots for Seattle, enjoyed the sunshine and salty ocean of Mexico in March, tasted fame in L.A. in September, and explored the amazing history of Spain in October.  Read more

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Apps Every Hiker Needs

I’m looking forward to spending as many days outdoor as possible this season with my Nikes and fanny pack. And, I’m not going to settle for just any trail. Good hikes take planning, and I’ll be using a few key apps to find the perfect trail, navigate it, and make the most of my time outdoors.

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Useful Google Chrome extensions for all of your Web browsing needs!

Google Chrome is my default browser for all of my devices, including my MacBook Air, Chromebook, and Galaxy Note 5, for several reasons. I absolutely love that I can retrieve bookmarks, tabs, and even my browsing history for any of these devices anywhere. It’s definitely the first app I install on any new device, and one that I use every single day.

Another reason why I love using Google Chrome, specifically on my MacBook Air, is the fact that I can add extensions to my browser. The options are endless -- from add-ons that let me quickly check the number of new emails to instant coupon finders, extensions help make sure that you’re being the most productive while surfing the Web. You can find a full list of extensions on the Chrome Web Store, and below are a few extensions that I use every day.

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Apps for Cats

Yes, you read this post title correctly. Homo sapiens aren’t the only tech-obsessed creatures -- you can easily turn your iPad into something your cat can play with for hours! As President of the Crazy Cat Lady Club, I’m excited to share my [cat’s] favorite free iPad apps that prompt stimulation, meows, howls, and growls.

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Is it Time to Eat? Fun Food Inspiration for Home Chefs

I’ve always been one of those people who is constantly thinking about and counting down to my next meal. For me, food isn’t just a way to keep my engine running -- it’s a way to celebrate the best of what life has to offer. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes, cookbooks, Instagram accounts and food blogs to follow in my quest to be a better home chef. Here are a few I recommend if you’re looking for culinary inspiration.

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Must-Have Apps for Interior Design

After eight long months of renovations and construction, I’ve finally moved into my master bedroom! Now comes the fun and stressful part -- decorating. Paint colors, furniture, and accent pillows, oh my! It’s a tough process to beautifully furnish an empty room, but luckily we have apps to help us. Here are a few that I’ve relied on tremendously:

Houzz (iOS and Android): This app is a Godsend. It’s basically the Wikipedia of interior design, organized in a clean and efficient way. There are endless images of different spaces, products/furniture for each room, mood boards, and before and after photos for inspiration. When I came across something I liked -- and with 8M+ images in their arsenal, I liked a TON -- I could save it to my virtual idea book for reference. Thank you Houzz for helping make my dream room a reality!

Handy Level (iOS and Android): This has been useful for hanging pictures quickly. Just open the app and rest it on top of the photo frame, and it’ll act as a level. Just be sure to hold your phone tightly to avoid a cracked screen.

Zillow Digs (iOS): This is basically a home-only version of Pinterest. It’s super easy to personalize inspiration that shows up in your feed, and I spent a good amount of time browsing rooms by style, cost, and color. There’s an interactive, gamified feature, too: Dueling Digs. You’re presented with two “dueling” photos of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, yard, etc. and have to choose the design you like best. It’s basically like Hot or Not, but for interior design.

IKEA Catalogue (iOS and Android): This isn’t just a catalogue! IKEA integrated artificial intelligence into the app, so I could scan my room and then virtually decorate it with their products. I placed chairs in the corner and tried the 360-degree view, moved it around, and was ultimately grateful that I could see what a red seat would look like by my desk, without having to actually lug it home.

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Apps to help you find a new apartment in New York City (and move into one without a hassle)!

Apartment searching in New York City is a headache to say the least, and when it was time for me to start my search last month, I was excited, frightened and anxious to begin the process.

While Craigslist is a good place to start, I’ve had friends who have had Craigslist roommate or rental horror stories, so I was reluctant to rely only on the website. Instead, I decided to explore different options this time around. After testing dozens of websites and apps for everything ranging from finding the perfect apartment to shopping for new furniture, I found a list of services that have made this entire process so much easier. And fast forward to today, my roommate and I are comfortably settled at our new apartment in Astoria, an awesome neighborhood in Queens!

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Cool App Alert: ModiFace

I wish I could change my hair color as often as I change my nail polish. While I can’t dye my hair from blonde, to blue, to black and expect to have any hair left, at least I can easily see what I would look like with the ‘do I am dreaming of! Enter ModiFace, a free photo editor and virtual makeover app. You can upload a selfie and virtually try-on different hair colors and hairstyles, as well as top brand lipsticks, glosses, shadows, mascara, highlighters, bronzers, and foundation products. There also features for teeth whitening and lip plumping.

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Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

I love the fresh start that the new year promises. Cutline is back in action today, and we’re ready for what lies ahead in 2016! It’s that time of year when we all promise to spend our money a little wiser, live life a little fuller, and finally pick up meditation. These are pretty lofty goals, but with the right apps helping you kick off the year, they’ll seem easier to achieve than ever before.

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