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7 Questions with…Carolyn Batt!

Q. What will you do at Cutline?
I’m learning the ins-and-outs of the various accounts I’m working on and what it takes to make it as a PR pro in the city. I’m excited to bring a fresh perspective to the crew and learn from the best.  Read more

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Rachel’s Tips for an Aspiring PR Rockstar!

Ever wondered how we got our start here at Cutline? You’re in luck! We’re back with another post that showcases the stories of how Cutliners turned into PR rockstars. Check out how Rachel become a master PR pro.  Read more

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Star Wars Day: Lessons from The Force!

Our New York office happens to be housed in the wonderful WeWork Bryant Park location, and we love all of the special things they do for us as members -- that includes celebrating one of my favorite days of the year, May 4, aka Star Wars Day! Among the perks today: Princess Leia cinnamon rolls, popcorn and snacks, and of course, movies streaming from a projector! It got me thinking about the Star Wars story and how there are so many things you can learn and apply to your career in PR (or any other field), as well as life in general. Here’s a few lessons that come to mind:  Read more

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7 Questions with…Elizabeth Cerna!

Q: What will you do at Cutline?

I will be doing anything and everything I can get my hands on at Cutline! As the team’s newest intern, I am so excited to learn as much as I can while here, and help out on as many accounts as I can.

Read more

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Dear Clients: 10 Things We Love About You

At Cutline we’re honored to partner with some of the best clients in the world. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we polled our team to compile the top 10 things we love most about working with them. Read more

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7 Questions with…Monica Hernandez!

Q. What will you do at Cutline?

Currently I am an intern and I support various accounts. I am busy every moment of the day, but I am thriving and having fun. Being at Cutline allows me to dabble into every aspect of the PR industry, and I absolutely love the fact that I get to work alongside and support such passionate and talented people.

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7 Questions with…Megan Anderson!

Q. What will you do at Cutline?

As an intern I’ll be helping out with some of Cutline’s accounts. I think the main thing, though, will be building strong relationships with the people around me, and being a team player by jumping in wherever I can. I can’t wait to learn from all these talented, wonderful people!

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Tips for an Aspiring PR Rockstar

Ever wondered how we got our start here at Cutline? You’re in luck! We’re back with another post that showcases the stories of how Cutliners turned into PR rockstars. Check out how Mishri Shah became a sensational Manager.



How did you get your start in PR?
I majored in journalism in college, and while I loved it, I quickly realized I like talking way too much to limit myself to just writing. Working in PR gives me the best of both worlds -- I get to write, and I get to communicate with my awesome clients and rockstar coworkers everyday!

What’s your latest/favorite hit so far?
One of the recent hits I’m really excited about was securing a slot for Pebble in O Magazine’s spring trends issue! It was really neat to see Pebble featured in print among several other exciting brands.

What’s a top tip you’d offer to someone aspiring to become a PR rockstar?
Always put yourself in your client’s shoes. Just like any other relationship, empathy is key to fostering a strong and healthy partnership with your client. Understanding their world -- their preferences and requirements -- makes it much easier to share clear recommendations and find new and exciting opportunities for them. At the end of the day, you’ll secure better results, and your client will put more trust in you!


An interesting lesson in crisis communications


If you know anything about football or have been paying attention to the news at all lately, you’ll know that the National Football League has had quite the scandalous year. From a PR standpoint, it’s been nothing short of a nightmare!

Most recently, the NFL and my home team, the New England Patriots, have been stuck in this infamous, never-ending controversy known as ‘deflategate.’ As a refresher, deflategate came about when Tom Brady - quarterback of the Patriots - was found to be playing with footballs that looked to be deflated during the first half of 2015 AFC championship (the game before the Super Bowl XLIX). Some say deflating a football is supposed to give a person a competitive advantage (it’s easier to grip), but the Pats still demolished the Indianapolis Colts 28-0 in the second half after the footballs were corrected. Did it really make that much of difference? Eh, no! Pardon my biased tone, I grew up in the greater Boston area.

Anyways, deflating footballs is a clear violation of the NFL playing rules and unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time the Patriots have been found doing questionable things. This led a sequence of on-going awkward press conferences and media reports, which had Brady, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, and the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell under fire.

Under pressure to act, the league decided to investigate the situation, which was led by attorney Ted Wells. They released a nearly 250 page Wells Report which found that Brady was “generally aware” (and most likely he was) that the footballs were deflated. The league suspended him for four games (that’s fair, he broke the written rules of the game), fined the team $1 million (they can afford it), and took away certain drafting picks until 2017 (that hurts).

In effort to fight back, the Patriots launched a website called The Wells Report in Context, which has their lawyer explaining or disproving the most incriminating claims from the original report.

For example, the NFL and Wells Report discussed a series of suspicious text messages where a locker room attendant called himself  the “deflator.” The Pats and The Wells Report in Context justify that is was a conversation about one locker room attendant’s efforts to lose weight.

Brady has since appealed the ruling through the NFL Players Association, and Players Association requested for a neutral arbitrator. Roger Goodell denied the request and said that he would preside over the appeal. This decision has brought an immense amount of criticism against him and the league from fans and the Patriots, who are accusing Goodell of being unfair. This has *slightly* shifted the media focus away from the Pats and back on the NFL.

The Wells Report in Context does serve as an interesting lesson in crisis PR and how a company or organization can respond if they feel like there’s no way out of a bad situation. Some of the points may have been absurd, but the Pat’s report was simple, to the point, and tells their side of the story in their own words. Since the appeal hasn’t happened yet, it’s very likely this story will remain in the news cycle and will be interesting to see how it all unfolds as the new season begins. Stay tuned!

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The top 10 reasons you, future SAEs, should join the Crew! But first… a few words.

Yesterday I set out to draft a quick blog post about our open job positions – two kick-ass senior account executives to join the Cutline Crew in San Francisco and/or New York City. But instead of me writing some rambling post, I decided to ask my colleagues for help. So, I sent out this note:

Subject: HELP! Need input from you for a blog post

Text of email: Quick! I need the top 10 reasons an SAE should join Cutline... Go! Pretty please. 🙂

(Yes. I use emoticons in email and every time I do I cringe just a little bit.)

What I saw in response to my email BLEW. MY. MIND. Nine years ago this month, Megan Lamb called me in Texas, where I was visiting my family, and asked if I wanted to help start Cutline (which was nameless at the time). Nine years later, I’ve never been more proud to say I’m a Cutliner. Sure, you could argue that people responded positively to my ask because I helped start Cutline. But that’s honestly not the way we roll here. And they could have responded in a million different ways.

My plan was to highlight one reason from 10 different Cutliners. With a little preamble from me. Duh. But, once again, my fearless, amazing colleagues have risen to the challenge and have left me stumped. So, hopefully I’m stumping them a little right now. The upside of having the keys to the kingdom is that I can post to our blog or make changes to our website at my leisure (hopefully I got this right, Nena!). So, Cutline Crew, this one’s for you, too!

IMAG0054_BURST002_1 (1)

YOU GUYS ARE THE HANDS-DOWN ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED THE FREAKING BEST. EVER. Words honestly cannot describe how thankful I am to work with such an incredible bunch of people. Today is our annual Thanksgiving potluck and I just want to say that I am INCREDIBLY thankful to work with each and every one of you… starting with the best business partner, colleague, mentor, and friend a girl could ask for, and that would be my little lamb. This has been an amazing year for our growing agency and you should all be extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished together. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. And here’s to the next 90 years!

Now that I’ve rambled far too long – you saw that coming, right? – and have probably lost the intended audience, I want to share with you… future Cutline SAEs… the top I-lost-count reasons YOU should join the Cutline Crew. If you like what you read here, drop us a line at jobs at cutline dot com.

Lots of love from Erin / Efors / Forsie / Fors / whatever you call me.


The Top 10 46 Reasons You Should Join Cutline (unedited and brought to you by the fabulous Cutline Crew!)

  1. We are awesome
  2. Hot new office
  3. Generous PTO
  4. Pilates
  5. Cool, Smart, Creative Chicks who work here
  6. Megan Lamb
  7. Erin Fors
  8. We have amazing clients
  9. Dog lovers
  10. Brand New MacBooks
  11. Holiday Party = Fabulousness
  12. Pictures of Baxter
  13. Awesome gifs
  14. Pilates
  15. Nacho Libre
  16. Snacks for days
  17. Chalkboard art
  18. The greatest people on the planet and coolest clients an SAE could ask for
  19. Because of our dope fitness sessions. Buns of cinnamon are great, but buns of steel are even better.
  20. Our clients are big deals (meaning everyone knows them or will know them)
  21. You will have equal parts autonomy and support
  22. You will be challenged every day
  23. We have Sex in the City marathons on Fridays! Or if you want to tune into a dog show/competition, people will let you 🙂 whatever your jam is, it's ok
  24. All of our clients are straight up COOL.
  25. We have a zen room with a massage chair. Just saying.
  26. Want to sit at your desk? No problem. Stand? That can also be arranged.
  27. We believe in work life balance.
  28. We trust each other.
  29. We know how to get shit done.
  30. Our holiday parties are epic.
  31. Our clients are THE BEST
  32. Our team is small but mighty
  33. We love a good happy hour
  34. We value meritocracy
  35. We do Pilates so that we can stuff our face with Thanksgiving meals or because we believe that half of a meal should be dessert
  36. Our clients are not just our clients, but our partners
  37. We love to celebrate - holidays, big media hits, or even just because
  38. We have a "Zen" room in our office with a kick-ass massage chair
  39. Our team is made up of positive, intellectually curious, fun people
  40. Creativeness can also equal professionalism
  41. Quirks are not encouraged, they are preferred
  42. In a small office your voice will be heard and you won't even have to shout
  43. Ties are to be worn as belts or headbands unless you're a girl, then they can be worn as a tie
  44. Did we mention there's ice cream in the freezer?
  45. We love gadgets.  Need we say more?
  46. Oh, and Twitter wars of love.