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Star Wars Day: Lessons from The Force!

Our New York office happens to be housed in the wonderful WeWork Bryant Park location, and we love all of the special things they do for us as members -- that includes celebrating one of my favorite days of the year, May 4, aka Star Wars Day! Among the perks today: Princess Leia cinnamon rolls, popcorn and snacks, and of course, movies streaming from a projector! It got me thinking about the Star Wars story and how there are so many things you can learn and apply to your career in PR (or any other field), as well as life in general. Here’s a few lessons that come to mind:  Read more

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The ABC’s of Cutline

A couple of weeks ago, the Cutline team pulled off an incredible surprise baby shower for me and my tiny growing family. Not only did they pull off the surprise, but they also gifted us with several thoughtful baby items. One, in particular, stood out from the rest: DIY ABC art. Each Cutliner took a letter of the alphabet, drew a picture of something that started with the letter, laminated it and BOOM, instant DIY art for our itty-bitty nursery. I loved it - crafting is my thing!  Read more

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International Women’s Day: The History-Making Women We Love

Whether it’s for International Women’s Day today, Women’s History Month all of March, or any other day of the year, honoring the trailblazing women who inspire us is one of our favorite things to do. Read on to find out which history-making women Cutliners admire most!  Read more

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Dear Clients: 10 Things We Love About You

At Cutline we’re honored to partner with some of the best clients in the world. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we polled our team to compile the top 10 things we love most about working with them. Read more

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Cutline Celebrates Giving Tuesday

We recently learned about #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that is celebrated every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This special day encourages everyone to give - whether it’s some of your time, a donation, a gift or the power of your voice in your community. Read more

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Why I Love Working at WeWork!

WeWork is a coworking office space that provides a shared workspace and community for smaller startups and businesses. Launched in New York City in 2010, the company has quickly expanded across 28 cities, and 91 locations!

#CutlineNYC has been a member of WeWork Bryant Park for a few years, and we absolutely love our beautiful office, which overlooks Bryant Park (perfect for enjoying the spring sun). We also enjoy the Blue Bottle Coffee shop on the first floor, as well as Lady M cake shop next door! As WeWork members, we get to be part of an awesome community of smart startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, and enjoy many perks that WeWork provides. Below are a few reasons why I adore working in a WeWork space:

Ability to work from any WeWork location (30 in NYC alone)!

WeWork members can work from any common room in any of its 91 locations around the country, including Austin, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco. It’s nice to know that I have the option to reserve a meeting room or work from any of the WeWork locations when I’m traveling or working remotely. Even when I’m not traveling, I can take advantage of the 30 New York City locations and work from convenient locations around Manhattan between meetings. Plus, WeWork just opened its first Queens, NY location in Astoria, which is a huge plus because it’s within walking distance from my apartment!

Beautifully decorated spaces (and no need to worry about maintenance)

Each WeWork office is nicely designed and decorated, as if they came straight out of an interior design magazine! I specifically love the second floor of the Bryant Park building, because it’s an open, airy space filled with leather couches and comfy chairs. It’s perfect for unwinding with my fellow NYC Cutliners after a long day in the office, or to take breaks in between. Also, WeWork is managed by amazing community managers who coordinate everything from solving tech issues to making sure that there’s coffee on each floor.

2016-03-30 12.15.42 1.jpg

Insightful and fun events for members every week

We love participating in WeWork’s fun member events, such as a Vino and Vinyasa yoga session, Taco Tuesdays, “Treat Yo Self” events with cool vendors and massage chairs, and workshops hosted by fellow WeWork members. There’s always something to sign up for each week, and it’s a great way to get to know other companies and entrepreneurs in the building!

Exclusive benefits and discounts for members

WeWork partners with cool vendors like Equinox, One Medical, FlyWheel, and General Assembly, to offer discounts for members. It’s a great way to try new services that I otherwise would not normally sign up for. Personally, I’m super excited to use my member benefits to sign up for a new gym this spring!

WeWork truly embraces its #DoWhatYouLove mantra by offering members a comfortable and efficient space to get our creative juices going, and encouraging members to share ideas and network. I encourage you to check out the nearest WeWork office if you’re looking for a new office space!


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Back to the Future…and Back to the Basics

Great Scott! I’ve been a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy for as long as I can remember and pretty excited for today, Oct. 21, 2015, to finally get here -- aka, Back to the Future Day! In case you’re not familiar, in part two of the trilogy, Doc Brown, Marty and Jennifer travel 30 years into the future (today), in order to stop an event from happening that could ruin their futures. Pretty heavy, right?

We might be without flying cars and Jaws 19, but there are some things that came to fruition -- including video conferencing, video glasses, Nike’s soon-to-be-available self-lacing shoes, and a potential -- albeit unlikely -- World Series with the Cubs.

And as with any great film, there are always takeaways one can apply to life or even the workplace. In the interest of keeping it in the work family, below are some key learnings from the Back to the Future films that we should remember to better ourselves as PR practitioners:

Have a plan...but plan for the unexpected, too. So many of the plot points in the Back to the Future trilogy revolve around a plan of action (Part 1: getting Marty back to the future), but are always thwarted by some sort of conflict(s) (the electric cable detaching from the clock tower, Biff stealing the sports almanac, and of course, the Delorean getting struck by lightning at the end). While a PR plan/timeline can serve as the backbone for a campaign, it’s usually a guarantee that something will come up that will cause you to change course: a delay in product development, travel / schedule conflicts, and even an occasional storm that rains out an event. You should always anticipate issues, but sometimes the best remedy is to stay flexible, keep calm and carry on.

Nothing worth having comes without a challenge. Learn to address them head-on! While much of his actions against Biff are fueled by his taunting, Marty never backs down from him in any of the three films, and always perseveres against a bigger, stronger force, using the resources at his disposal (remember the makeshift skateboard?). If you want your “dream reporter” to cover your client, you have to do the legwork. Do your research, learn what makes them tick, and don’t pitch something you know is not a good fit -- if you put the work into it, you might just get what you want.

And my favorite of all…

Own it! Doc Brown closed out the trilogy with one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard: “Your future is whatever you make it -- so make it a good one!” We’re all responsible for what we say -- or don't, and the actions we take -- or don’t. At the end of the day, you have to be the best judge on the proper course of action -- whether you’re dealing with a difficult situation, debating whether to give that journalist one last try, saying “no” to taking on a task you don’t have the bandwidth for, or even knowing when to apologize if you’ve made a mistake, and then fixing it.

So, until the Doc Brown of our time brings the Flux Capacitor to market, there’s no going back in time to fix things before they happen! Makes taking control of the sometimes-scary-but-rewarding present the best you can do...for now!


Women’s Equality Day: The Women We Love


Ninety-five years ago, every woman in this country was (finally!) granted the right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment, and we’ve been celebrating Women’s Equality Day ever since. But as history has shown us, we still have so much more to fight for!

To commemorate this very special achievement, the Cutline Crew put together a list of the lady figures in our lives who inspire us to be better on the daily. Check it out, and let us know who yours are, too!

Emma Watson
When she’s not punching Draco Malfoy in the face, Emma’s representing modern women everywhere as a UN Goodwill Ambassador working towards gender equality. Her HeForShe campaign is beyond well known, after a speech she gave for the event went viral and made her a new face in the global push for feminism. Emma is always my definition of a strong and amazing woman, and something I aspire to be. She’s an inspiration all around in her fight for gender equality, personal style, and impressive grace in everything she does. Including that time she punched Malfoy.
-- Nena

Carly Lloyd
She’s a complete and total badass. Her hat trick in this year’s World Cup finals solidified a victory for the U.S. Women’s National Team for the first time since 1999, and is widely recognized as the greatest individual performance in any World Cup game. She’s an incredible leader, known for her unprecedented work ethic, and inspiring her teammates and young women around the country to be better on and off the field. I had the privilege of attending the ESPYs this year and was overjoyed witnessing the recognition she and her team very deservingly received at the show. They won “Best Team” and beat out some pretty huge names like the New England Patriots (sorry, Camille!) and Chicago Blackhawks. Truly. Amazing. -- Rachel

Our Moms
Because as Kevin Durant said, they’re the real MVPs. -- Mishri

Chrissy Teigen
Any woman that beautiful yet that self-deprecating is an inspiration. In the past year alone, she’s posted photos of her stretchmarks, admitted to licking the nacho cheese off Doritos (I’m not alone!), earned a gig on Lip Synch Battle, and inspired the masses with her recipes from her upcoming cookbook. She’s refreshingly honest and unfalteringly hilarious in a world where photos are retouched and Instagram accounts are curated to perfection. Plus, she loves her dogs, and happens to be married to an angel on Earth, aka John Legend.  -- Esther

Malala Yousafzai
Malala was on her way to school one day, when she was accosted by gunmen and shot for advocating education. Her skull was fractured and she nearly died. Since then, she’s been fighting for girls’ rights to an education around the world. In her book I Am Malala, she doesn’t focus on her journey as a survivor… she explores topics around humanity and change. Her ability to forgive and overcome really resonated with me, and I’m in awe of how she found the humanity in a man who tried to kill her. She also started the Malala Fund, dedicated to helping 60 million girls in the developing world receive proper schooling. She’s also the youngest ever winner for the Nobel Peace Prize! -- Uzma

Kerry Washington
Not only does she play a fierce, independent PR professional, Olivia Pope, Kerry spends so much of her time giving back to the world. She made history as the first black actress to lead a network TV drama in almost 40 years. She spends her free time as a political activist, supporting movements like  #blacklivesmatter, gender equality and LGBT rights. She is a member of the Creative Coalition and sits on the board of V-Day, an organization that works to end violence against women. She is an amazing example for women of color to believe in themselves and their dreams.
-- Shaq

Marissa Mayer
I respect the hell out of Marissa. Not only did she make a huge impact at Google as employee #20 (her accomplishments there are too numerous to name), but she also took on one of the most difficult jobs in the industry at Yahoo, completely reviving the 20-year-old giant (disclaimer: Yahoo is one of our clients). And she does it with grace, transparency, and an enthusiasm that I admire. -- Annie

Lena Dunham
For saying things like this: “My version of feminism is at its most basic level — it’s about equality. I think that so many women have been misinformed about what feminism means. They think it means growing out your armpit hair, burning your bras, and storming through the streets with a skewer ready to get men. What it actually means is you believe in human rights and women should be fairly compensated for the jobs that they do and that they should be [offered] the same opportunities and they shouldn’t be discriminated against or hurt because of their gender.” -- Shelby

Dr. Maya Angelou - “I'm a woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me."
There are many beautiful, strong, fascinating women in this world, but none have moved me quite like Maya Angelou. She’s best known for her internationally acclaimed series of autobiographies, especially I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, which centers on her childhood and young adult life experiences. She published several books of poetry and essays, was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning over 50 years, and received more than 50 honorary degrees. She was an activist in the civil rights movement working with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, recited her own poem at President Bill Clinton’s 1993 inauguration, was nominated for a Tony award and a Pulitzer Prize, was awarded the 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom, and so much more. She is a true inspiration and symbol of “self-examination, equality and friendship,” and her lessons in being better women (and people) live on! -- Camille

Ellen DeGeneres
She breaks boundaries for women, comedians and the LGBT community. She also makes us laugh, dances daily and encourages everyone to be kind to one another. An inspiration to all ages! Favorite Ellen quote: "Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values." -- Katie

My Grandmother, aka the “Queen Bee”
While she may not be as famous as the other “Queen B,” she is just as flawless and fierce as any modern day celebrity, and her *magic* touches everyone she meets. Throughout her life, Derelys Delano has embodied old-Hollywood style glamour with a touch of European class, and the warmth and hospitality you’d expect from a Southern belle. She has taught me that:
- It pays to be well-read. Never stop reading and learning.
- Put your best foot forward each day - always approach situations and people with a positive attitude and a sparkle in your eye.
- Your heart can never be too big. Share it with others. Especially those that could use the extra attention.
She’s magnetic in every way and inspires women around her to be their best selves.
-- Darah

Miss Independent, Kelly Clarkson
It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since Kelly Clarkson took home the first-ever American Idol trophy, and 13+ years later, this Southern gal continues to inspire! Not only are her vocal skills unmatched by most artists these days, but she’s remained humble throughout the years, staying true to her roots -- and out of controversy. True to her independent nature, her music is marked by themes of self-empowerment, and I commend how steadfast she’s been when much of her time in the public eye has been marred by hateful criticism. She’s not afraid to talk about her faith, laughs off jabs from media about her weight, and isn’t afraid to be a dork on stage -- I know from experience! At the end of the day, this girl’s got range, and that’s something to be respected. -- Sarah

All the women of Cutline!
I've never been more inspired, more energized or more excited than I am right now. This team, which happens to be made up of all women, is incredible. They're smart. They're driven. They're supportive. They're funny. They're fun. They're fierce. And I am both humbled and honored every day that I'm able to call each and every Cutliner a teammate. -- Erin


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The top 10 reasons you, future SAEs, should join the Crew! But first… a few words.

Yesterday I set out to draft a quick blog post about our open job positions – two kick-ass senior account executives to join the Cutline Crew in San Francisco and/or New York City. But instead of me writing some rambling post, I decided to ask my colleagues for help. So, I sent out this note:

Subject: HELP! Need input from you for a blog post

Text of email: Quick! I need the top 10 reasons an SAE should join Cutline... Go! Pretty please. 🙂

(Yes. I use emoticons in email and every time I do I cringe just a little bit.)

What I saw in response to my email BLEW. MY. MIND. Nine years ago this month, Megan Lamb called me in Texas, where I was visiting my family, and asked if I wanted to help start Cutline (which was nameless at the time). Nine years later, I’ve never been more proud to say I’m a Cutliner. Sure, you could argue that people responded positively to my ask because I helped start Cutline. But that’s honestly not the way we roll here. And they could have responded in a million different ways.

My plan was to highlight one reason from 10 different Cutliners. With a little preamble from me. Duh. But, once again, my fearless, amazing colleagues have risen to the challenge and have left me stumped. So, hopefully I’m stumping them a little right now. The upside of having the keys to the kingdom is that I can post to our blog or make changes to our website at my leisure (hopefully I got this right, Nena!). So, Cutline Crew, this one’s for you, too!

IMAG0054_BURST002_1 (1)

YOU GUYS ARE THE HANDS-DOWN ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED THE FREAKING BEST. EVER. Words honestly cannot describe how thankful I am to work with such an incredible bunch of people. Today is our annual Thanksgiving potluck and I just want to say that I am INCREDIBLY thankful to work with each and every one of you… starting with the best business partner, colleague, mentor, and friend a girl could ask for, and that would be my little lamb. This has been an amazing year for our growing agency and you should all be extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished together. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. And here’s to the next 90 years!

Now that I’ve rambled far too long – you saw that coming, right? – and have probably lost the intended audience, I want to share with you… future Cutline SAEs… the top I-lost-count reasons YOU should join the Cutline Crew. If you like what you read here, drop us a line at jobs at cutline dot com.

Lots of love from Erin / Efors / Forsie / Fors / whatever you call me.


The Top 10 46 Reasons You Should Join Cutline (unedited and brought to you by the fabulous Cutline Crew!)

  1. We are awesome
  2. Hot new office
  3. Generous PTO
  4. Pilates
  5. Cool, Smart, Creative Chicks who work here
  6. Megan Lamb
  7. Erin Fors
  8. We have amazing clients
  9. Dog lovers
  10. Brand New MacBooks
  11. Holiday Party = Fabulousness
  12. Pictures of Baxter
  13. Awesome gifs
  14. Pilates
  15. Nacho Libre
  16. Snacks for days
  17. Chalkboard art
  18. The greatest people on the planet and coolest clients an SAE could ask for
  19. Because of our dope fitness sessions. Buns of cinnamon are great, but buns of steel are even better.
  20. Our clients are big deals (meaning everyone knows them or will know them)
  21. You will have equal parts autonomy and support
  22. You will be challenged every day
  23. We have Sex in the City marathons on Fridays! Or if you want to tune into a dog show/competition, people will let you 🙂 whatever your jam is, it's ok
  24. All of our clients are straight up COOL.
  25. We have a zen room with a massage chair. Just saying.
  26. Want to sit at your desk? No problem. Stand? That can also be arranged.
  27. We believe in work life balance.
  28. We trust each other.
  29. We know how to get shit done.
  30. Our holiday parties are epic.
  31. Our clients are THE BEST
  32. Our team is small but mighty
  33. We love a good happy hour
  34. We value meritocracy
  35. We do Pilates so that we can stuff our face with Thanksgiving meals or because we believe that half of a meal should be dessert
  36. Our clients are not just our clients, but our partners
  37. We love to celebrate - holidays, big media hits, or even just because
  38. We have a "Zen" room in our office with a kick-ass massage chair
  39. Our team is made up of positive, intellectually curious, fun people
  40. Creativeness can also equal professionalism
  41. Quirks are not encouraged, they are preferred
  42. In a small office your voice will be heard and you won't even have to shout
  43. Ties are to be worn as belts or headbands unless you're a girl, then they can be worn as a tie
  44. Did we mention there's ice cream in the freezer?
  45. We love gadgets.  Need we say more?
  46. Oh, and Twitter wars of love.

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Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Steve Jobs was an incredible person who left an indelible mark on technology, on business, and on society. His passing yesterday has no doubt turned Silicon Valley (and beyond) on its head. And today you don’t need to look any further than Apple’s tribute (and homepage), Google’s tribute, or Wired’s homepageto understand the impact of his passing.

Since the news broke, we’ve all been glued to our phones and laptops (yes, iPhones and MacBooks) reading the tributes to Steve Jobs and we wanted to take a minute to share a few of our favorites. Below are just a few of the more moving pieces that we’re currently reading (and watching) about the legend that was Mr. Jobs.

YouTube: Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005
Walt Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I KnewSteven Levy: Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011
Brian Lam: Steve Jobs Was Always Kind To Me (Or, Regrets of An Asshole)
USA Today: Obama on Steve Jobs: The world has lost a visionary
Mashable: Memories of Steve Jobs: Interviews & Inspiration
Fast Company: Steve Jobs: A Mega, Meta Mashup in Tweets
paidContent: Why The Tech Industry Knows We’ll Never See Another Steve Jobs

This quote from President Obama says it all: "The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented."

If you’d like to share your favorite stories, we’d love to read them. Please add a link in the comments below.