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Free books? Yes, please.

Buying books can get pricey. Enter: OverDrive. This app carries e-books and audiobooks from more than 30,000 public libraries worldwide! Remember libraries? Endless aisles of books, FOR FREE. The app’s usefulness will depend on how good your local library’s ebook selection is. My local library, Milpitas Library, has a lot of options. But, I know some other cities have meh selections.


Once you install the app, enter in (and save) your local library. From there, you’re taken to your library’s website and asked to provide your library card number. Voila! Search a seemingly endless stream of books by title, author, ISBN number, category, or popularity. Note that sometimes there is a waitlist -- since libraries only have access to certain copies of e-books or audiobooks, just like they do for physical books -- but, I haven’t had to wait more than two weeks to read even the buzziest best-sellers. It’s super easy to place a hold, and you’ll be emailed once your item is ready to download. The app also serves as a Reader! You can adjust the font, text size, and brightness. You can also highlight within chapters.


The app is free for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle. Check it out and let us know what books you’re reading! Tweet @Cutline with your favorite picks.

What They Read

What They Read: Uzma!


What They Read is a regular column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners share their daily go-to reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.
Check out Uzma Saeed’s morning routine!

1. Like everyone else, my phone is the first thing I check when I wake up. I open the Twitter app first, and I have TONS of separate lists that I scroll through for updates from friends, activists, reporters, investors, pop culture bloggers, etc. I get practically all of my news from Twitter, since it’s so easy to find links to coverage tailored to my interests and scroll through commentary from many diverse demographics. Twitter also keeps me informed of social justice issues in real-time, when mainstream media can be slower to cover.

2. While Twitter is the first thing I check in the morning, I really look forward to checking Vine before bed. The Vine community is hilarious. It’s incredible to watch trends begin on the platform, then take off worldwide (i.e “what are thoooose” and “look at all those chickens”).

3. During my BART commute into the office, I go through several newsletters. I have a folder set up in my inbox for daily updates from Jason Hirschhorn’s @MediaREDEF newsletter, Muckrack, The Skimm, Business Insider’s 10 Things to Know, and Refinery29 SF.

4. My friends and I are always sharing interesting articles with each other, and most of my contributions come from Mashable, The New York Times, TIME, and WIRED. I don’t go a single day without checking out their individual home pages for the trending stories. I also share finds from Yahoo News Digest and the Apple News app.

5. I’m trying to read three books per month in 2015, and so far, I’ve done pretty well at meeting my goal! I check my Goodreads app every Sunday for personalized recommendations. Crime fiction and murder mysteries are my favorite genres, and a few of my recent reads are Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes and In the Woods by Tana French. I also enjoy historical fiction! If you haven’t already, you should read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

What They Read

What They Read: Esther!


What They Read is a regular column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners share their daily go-to reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Esther Hallmeyer’s morning routine!

1. Like most PR people, I subscribe to a ton of email newsletters, so once I get on Bart, I start to scan them for interesting headlines. Everything from Adweek and MediaPost’s Marketing Daily for industry news for my clients, to The Daily Muse, Daily Worth and Levo’s “The Slice” for management and career inspiration, to Self Daily, MyDomaine and Refinery29 for health, fashion and lifestyle content. I click on whatever looks interesting, and spend some of my 45-minute ride into the city reading on my phone.

2. Once I get to work, more newsletters have piled up. Erin tipped us off to Jason Hirschhorn’s @MediaREDEF newsletter, which has so many interesting articles from across the web. I typically have to bookmark them for later in the day, since they’re generally feature stories that are best enjoyed at your own pace.

3. While I eat lunch, I like to take a break and read my favorite celebrity site, I discovered Lainey a couple years ago and it’s my number one must-read of the day. It’s not a traditional celebrity news or gossip site like the TMZ’s of the world, but delves more into analysis and dissection of the entertainment industry and celebrity culture.

4. On my way home, I open Flipboard’s “10 for Today” newsletter. It’s genius. It’s a perfectly curated mix of business, lifestyle, and entertainment content from Flipboard’s editors, and there’s always at least a couple articles I want to read.

5. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with magazines. I started subscribing to Sassy at the age of 10, and the love affair of flipping through glossy pages has continued. When possible, I try to read a print magazine on the way home, to give myself a break from the glow of the screen. I make sure to grab the newest Bloomberg, TIME, Fortune and/or Fast Company if we have them; I also love to read magazines a bit outside my demo, like Good Housekeeping, Maxim, or Scientific American, for a difference perspective. At home, I subscribe to Glamour, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Oprah, Health, and a ton more, and I get super duper happy when there’s a new mag waiting in my mailbox. I typically save it for the commute the next day, and the cycle starts again!

6. I just started reading The Martian, by Andy Weir - a soon-to-be blockbuster starring Matt Damon about a NASA astronaut stranded by his crew on Mars. He only has a year’s supply of food and no way of communicating to planet Earth. What will he do?! I can’t wait to find out.

What They Read

What They Read: Shelby!


What They Read is one of our columns on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners tell us why they love their go-to daily reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Shelby Ventura’s morning routine!

1. The first thing I read is TheSkimm for sure. It gives me a quick overview of what’s going on around the world that day from pop culture to politics.

2. I’m a bit of a San Francisco news junkie, so I’m always reading local outlets. I love to start with the San Francisco Chronicle, check out SFist, and 7x7. I also love to read San Francisco Magazine’s column “What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working,” that they post every day at noon with a roundup of local news. And SF Mag writes awesome profiles on local politicians like Mayor Lee and Rose Pak.

3. When not reading about all things San Francisco, I have a long list of fashion/design blogs I love to check up on like DesignLoveFest, SFGirlByBay, Emma Dime, and The Sartorialist.

4. I’m currently trying to get through a list of “American classics” I feel like I never had the chance to read in high school or college, so I finally just finished On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I’ve always been fascinated with the ‘50s and ‘60s and this is the perfect book that captures the Beat counterculture and jazz scene that was happening in America during that time. It’s closely based on Jack’s travels back and forth between New York and California and everywhere in between with his crazy best friend Neal Cassidy.

Fun fact: Jack Kerouac wrote this book in only three weeks on one continuous reel of paper.

Next up: Light in August by William Faulkner! Woo hoo!

What They Read

What They Read: Nena!


What They Read is a regular column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners share their daily go-to reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Nena Farrell’s morning routine!

1. I love newsletters. Love them. After sorting through the quick reads and actions in my inbox, I like to sit down and read the newsletters before jumping into my day. Of course I read The Skimm, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Fortune’s The Broadsheet. It’s focused on the world’s most powerful women and interesting female-focused news. I usually end up opening at least two or three articles depending on the day and what catches my eye. It’s such a great range of information, from interesting interviews with amazing women to trending topics like adding a female to the $20 bill.

2. Blogs. I try to make time to catch up on my favorite lifestyle and tech blogs every day. On the lifestyle front, I love reading Corals and Cognacs, Design Darling, and The College Prepster. On the tech side, besides the major tech pubs, I love reading PopSugar Tech, Cool Mom Tech, and Purewow’s tech section. They’re chock-full of travel, outfit, and personal inspiration.

3. Facebook is my social media go-to for morning reading. Rather than an endless stream, I love how specific articles are selected for my feed and I always want to read them. My feed is mainly made up of the latest from TechCrunch, The Verge, and Mashable, and I usually check out a few before officially getting out of bed. This morning’s read? An article on The Verge about how the next season of Game of Thrones will start surpassing the books...can’t wait to see what happens! Also, I love checking out the stories on Snapchat Discover when I have time to watch videos.

4. After tons of reading inspiration from sitting next to Uzma and Esther, I read Paper Towns by John Green on Saturday. On my cell phone. Totally worth it. I then finally caved and signed up for Oyster, the Netflix for books. I’ve started Revenge Wears Prada and so far, so good.

What They Read

What They Read: Megan Tyrie!

What They Read is the latest column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners tell us why they love their go-to daily reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Megan Tyrie’s morning routine!

1. The NPR News App - Every morning as I’m getting ready, I stream the NPR News app on my phone. It’s a great way to get the news without reading. I start by listening to the Daily Newscast and then download the day’s top stories into a playlist. If I have time, then I listen to select stories under the world, politics and technology sections.

2. Stitcher Radio - I listen to this during my walk to work. While you can listen to the news on this app, I like it for finding and listening to podcasts such as Freakonomics, Stuff Mom Never Told You, TED Radio Hour, Marketplace, This Week in Tech and Hardcore History.

3. The Wall Street Journal’s The 10 Points - By this time, I’m at work so the first newsletter I usually read is the WSJ’s The 10 Points. It provides the four top stories with videos and links to larger stories at the Journal. My favorite part is the figure/stat at the bottom of the newsletter.

What They Read

What They Read: Sam!

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.30.02 AM.png

I’m so happy to introduce Cutline’s newest blog column, What They Read. I have a morning routine that goes something like this: alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, French press prep, brush teeth, shower, makeup, hair, clothes, bus, read, work. My reading routine is even more refined. Imagine that. I have a specific list of publications and an order in which I read them that I follow religiously. My curious self wanted to know what my well-read, tuned-in colleagues read, too. And so begins this series. To kick things off, I’ve compiled the below list of my go-to morning reads:

  1. Twitter -- This is the fastest way for me to do a quick run-through of all the current news that’s generating online chatter. I’m always on the hunt for new folks and publications to follow, too. Aside from getting up-to-speed on all the latest news, I also visit Twitter before I pitch a reporter. I check to see if they are active on the platform, and if yes, what they are interested in and not interested in. Twitter accounts that I pay close attention to include The Associated Press, The Guardian, The New York Times, Fast Company, NPR News, Wall Street Journal, AdAge and HuffPo.

  2. theSkimm -- A daily email newsletter that gives you (nearly) everything you need to know to start your day. Delivered at 6AM, it’s super easy to read and includes summaries of most of the world’s top news. Topics include politics, business, sports, entertainment and more.

  3. Refinery29 -- The fashion and beauty junkie in me really loves Refinery29. I credit this site for helping me live a more stylish life. Not only am I regularly introduced to neat startups and the brilliant minds behind these companies, but I’m also educated on how to perform the perfect at-home mani, which drugstore makeup products I should buy, and how to rock trends like colorblocking.

  4. San Francisco Chronicle -- When I was growing up, my parents had 4+ daily newspapers delivered to the house each morning. What’s more, they actually read the papers from front to back! I remember thinking, ‘when I grow up, I want to do that too’. At 26, I’m almost there. I love the San Francisco Chronicle, especially the Sunday edition, which includes a tabloid entertainment section and book review. The largest newspaper in California, the Chronicle never fails to hand over reporting and honest commentary on local issues and topics with national impact.

  5. BuzzFeed -- All the cat and kitten photos / videos / GIFs and countless personality quizzes you could ever wish for. BuzzFeed always makes me laugh. They also have a super well-developed news section that includes international headlines on topics like politics, economics, health, arts and culture, and sports.

Happy reading!