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I Tried Making This Coffee Nook on Pinterest and Here’s How it Went…

Camille takes on a DIY project and let's just say, it's not a Pinterest fail! 

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Five Free Digital PR Tools

There are tons of helpful PR tools available that help us do our jobs every day and make our lives a little simpler. However, many of those tools come with a steep price tag!

Luckily, the internet is chock full of tools and services we can utilize without  burning a hole in our pockets. Here are five free digital tools that can help boost your PR activity.

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The ABC’s of Cutline

A couple of weeks ago, the Cutline team pulled off an incredible surprise baby shower for me and my tiny growing family. Not only did they pull off the surprise, but they also gifted us with several thoughtful baby items. One, in particular, stood out from the rest: DIY ABC art. Each Cutliner took a letter of the alphabet, drew a picture of something that started with the letter, laminated it and BOOM, instant DIY art for our itty-bitty nursery. I loved it - crafting is my thing!  Read more

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International Women’s Day: The History-Making Women We Love

Whether it’s for International Women’s Day today, Women’s History Month all of March, or any other day of the year, honoring the trailblazing women who inspire us is one of our favorite things to do. Read on to find out which history-making women Cutliners admire most!  Read more


The 2016 Toy Fair – Toys and Games and TECH!

Every February, one of the coolest trade shows in the world comes to New York City to take over the Javits Convention Center. An event with a lot of toys -- and where kids are not allowed! The International Toy Fair is not solely an event for sales teams and retailers to do business, it also gives consumers a first-look at what will likely be the hottest toys for the year ahead.

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Cutline Insights: The Ever-Changing Media Landscape

At Cutline, we are avid readers of all types of news, and we keep a close eye out on the ever-changing media landscape. Last week, a few Cutliners attended Tech Press Meetup’s session titled A Meta-Media Panel to learn more about how reporters cover the media business. The panelists, which included Shannon Bond of The Financial Times, Jason Abbruzzese of Mashable and Tom Kludt of, shared unique insights about the evolution of media, and how they cover the media as part of the press. Here are a few key takeaways from the event.

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An interesting lesson in crisis communications

If you know anything about football or have been paying attention to the news at all lately, you’ll know that the National Football League has had quite the scandalous year. From a PR standpoint, it’s been nothing short of a nightmare!

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2015 PR & Media Relations Summit in New York City

Earlier this month I attended the PRSA and Ragan PR & Media Relations Summit, which brought together 100 or so media professionals from all over the world. Attendees included both in-house and agency communications pros from both private and public sectors who share a common goal: maximizing reputation, reach and media results for clients.

So what did I learn? Here are the biggest takeaways from the three-day conference.

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7 Questions with…Camille Quarles!

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Q. What will you do at Cutline?

I am an Account Coordinator representing Cutline EAST in New York City! I’ll be juggling all sorts of tasks - from pitching media, to writing coverage reports, to staffing on-air interviews - to support my incredibly talented teammates wherever they need me.

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