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Earth Day: Tips & Tricks from the Cutline Crew

In celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, we asked the Cutline Crew to share how they strive to be more sustainable and energy efficient, whether at home, during their commute or at the office. See below for some handy tips and tricks!  Read more

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A Night with Women Catalysts

At Cutline, we’re always excited to check out new events and support organizations dedicated to female empowerment and career growth. Recently, a couple of us Cutliners decided to check out an event held by Women Catalysts at General Assembly, for their monthly “Lightning Talks.” The fact that it was hosted on International Women’s Day made it all the better!  Read more

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International Women’s Day: The History-Making Women We Love

Whether it’s for International Women’s Day today, Women’s History Month all of March, or any other day of the year, honoring the trailblazing women who inspire us is one of our favorite things to do. Read on to find out which history-making women Cutliners admire most!  Read more

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Fast Company & Sephora on The Next Generation of Influencers

At Cutline, we’re always excited to learn more about the latest and greatest in digital marketing; so when we heard Fast Company was hosting a panel with Sephora on social influencers, we jumped at the chance to attend. Set in Sephora’s beautiful Union Square store, we were in for an evening of insightful conversation on how Sephora finds and builds meaningful relationships with passionate beauty fans around the world. The panel was moderated by Didi Gluck of Fast Company, and Sephora executives included Mary Beth Laughton, SVP of Digital; Bridget Dolan, VP of Innovation; and Bindu Shah, VP of Digital Marketing. Here were some of our biggest takeaways: Read more

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Creative Challenge: Haikus!

“Brevity is the soul of wit” (Shakespeare). “Less is more” (Robert Browning). “Keep it simple, stupid” (Kelly Johnson). We’ve heard many things about brevity throughout our lives and in business, because sometimes you don’t need to say very much to communicate an idea or observation. That’s what makes haikus so fun to read -- and at the same time, so challenging to write. For last month’s creative challenge, Cutliners were encouraged to use haikus -- three-line poems with a 5-7-5 syllable structure -- to speak their minds. The results:

Read more

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Redefining Design with Tristan Walker

A few of us Cutliners recently had the opportunity to hear Tristan Walker, founder and CEO of Walker & Company Brands, speak at an event put on by The Commonwealth Club. The session, Redefining Design, was moderated by John Maeda, global head of computational design and inclusion at Automattic, and provided a fun and lively discussion around how brands are making products that are both visually appealing and highly effective available to all.

As always, The Commonwealth Club delivered! Tristan and John’s discussion was not only incredibly inspiring, but provided a number of valuable, actionable takeaways. Here is a snapshot of what we learned.

  • This was one of the best talks I’ve attended in recent months -- thank you, Cutline! I think, above all else, my biggest takeaway was related to empathy. More specifically, how critical it is to design empathetic products and hire or partner with truly empathetic people. It’s what makes us human after all. I’m also certain it’s one of the many reasons both Tristan and Walker & Company’s brand are so beloved. It underlines everything they do and stand for -- talk about inspiring!  -- Rachel

  • Tristan said something during his talk that has honestly changed my perspective. He was discussing when he first started Walker & Company, and how he had these ideas for the products he would sell. First, if you’re not familiar with Bevel razors, you NEED to check them out. Life changer. Although his ideas were truly innovative within the beauty market, particularly for people of color, many investors were hesitant to back his vision. Tristan said, “It was at that time that I realized, folks on the other side of the table might not be smarter than me, they just might not have the context I have.” This has made me really believe in myself, and given me a deeper understanding for others’ viewpoints. -- Shaq

  • What really stuck with me was Tristan’s philosophy around the phrase “culture fit” and the role a company’s core values can play in reducing individual bias. One of the first things he did when he started Walker & Company Brands was determine the six values he wanted to guide his company: courage, inspiration, respect, judgement, wellness and loyalty. During interviews, candidates are measured against each value; the same goes for performance reviews. In fact, everything Walker & Company does centers back to the values they have at the company. I love this philosophy and it’s an interesting approach to building and maintaining an inclusive company culture. I also am inspired to create my own list of personal guiding values to live my life by. -- Esther

Missed the event? You can check out the full conversation on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Is it Time to Eat? Fun Food Inspiration for Home Chefs

I’ve always been one of those people who is constantly thinking about and counting down to my next meal. For me, food isn’t just a way to keep my engine running -- it’s a way to celebrate the best of what life has to offer. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes, cookbooks, Instagram accounts and food blogs to follow in my quest to be a better home chef. Here are a few I recommend if you’re looking for culinary inspiration.


Instacart is one of our clients, and we love ordering our snacks for Cutline (in San Francisco and New York City!) through the website and app. One fun Instacart feature I’ve started using in my personal time is Lists & Recipes on They have tons of delicious ideas, like this healthy frappuccino, and better yet, you can easily add the ingredients to your cart and order them for delivery in as little as one hour. How’s that for convenience!

Ambitious Kitchen

This food blog is described as “Wholesome, clean eating focused food blog with beautiful, creative recipes and feel good inspiration.” True, true and true! I love this blog. I’m all about indulging and I love things like french fries and nacho cheese as much as the next gal, but I also am a big fan of healthy spins on indulgences. Take these quinoa flour pancakes -- we tried these the other weekend and my husband said, “these taste healthy.” What a compliment! And with these, you won’t feel like your blood sugar crashes an hour after eating and turns you into a raging lunatic. Also, for some cookies that won’t leave you with a sugar hangover, these two-ingredient delights are a winner. You’ll love them!

Photo credit: Ambitious Kitchen

Whole30 Instagram

I was encouraged to try the Whole30 diet from Erin’s adventures, and even though I didn’t make it to day 30, I continue to follow their Instagram account. They frequently have food bloggers “take over” their account, sharing recipes that will make you drool.

Bon Appetit

I have to give a nod to this classic standard in culinary treasures. Bon Appetit is a great magazine with tips on cool restaurants, kitchen gear, cooking advice and of course, mouth watering recipes that actually aren’t that complicated. What’s more, the email newsletter offers extra bang for your buck with a “recipe of the day” along with similar recipes to try out. I’m anxious to give this Cast Iron Pizza a whirl. Such a cool idea.

Photo credit: Bon Apetit

And there you have it. Time to hit the kitchen!



#FitSpo Fun

At Cutline, we’re all about fitspiration. The good kind, not the unhealthy kind! Lately I’ve been super into trying home workouts on the weekend. I live in the ‘burbs, and my gym membership is in the city, so working out in my living room is sometimes a necessity (even though having two dogs climb all over you can be quite the distraction). I’ve started to collect various pieces of equipment to try out new services that so far I love. Here’s what I’ve been into!

PopSugar Fitness on YouTube: PopSugar Fitness is seriously amazing, and they have a dedicated YouTube channel with tons of videos. Did I mention it’s free?! Whether you’re into barre, HITT or want a quick abs burner, there are lots of options -- and the instructors are pretty awesome. The main trainer, Anna Renderer, is fun, motivating and makes the time go by quickly. I also recently followed a great video with Jennifer Aniston's yoga guru, Mandy Ingber. If you have a Roku, Apple TV or Smart TV, you can stream the video right from your big screen. If not, a laptop will do!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.58.14 AM.png

Core Sliders: Also known as gliding discs, these are legit! You can use them for lunges, ab work, and more. I bought these off Amazon, which work on both carpet or hard surfaces. Interested in a core slider workout? Here’s a great one from Real Simple.

Resistance Bands: Small and circular, stap these puppies around your knees or ankles to make things like squats more difficult. Want a tough resistance band workout? Try this one from SELF, which will have every muscle burning and you gasping for breath. Fun!

Hope this inspires you to try a fun home workout. #FitSpo. The good kind.

What They Read

What They Read: Esther!


What They Read is a regular column on Cutline Speaks where Cutliners share their daily go-to reads such as books, news sites, magazines, and social media.

Check out Esther Hallmeyer’s morning routine!

1. Like most PR people, I subscribe to a ton of email newsletters, so once I get on Bart, I start to scan them for interesting headlines. Everything from Adweek and MediaPost’s Marketing Daily for industry news for my clients, to The Daily Muse, Daily Worth and Levo’s “The Slice” for management and career inspiration, to Self Daily, MyDomaine and Refinery29 for health, fashion and lifestyle content. I click on whatever looks interesting, and spend some of my 45-minute ride into the city reading on my phone.

2. Once I get to work, more newsletters have piled up. Erin tipped us off to Jason Hirschhorn’s @MediaREDEF newsletter, which has so many interesting articles from across the web. I typically have to bookmark them for later in the day, since they’re generally feature stories that are best enjoyed at your own pace.

3. While I eat lunch, I like to take a break and read my favorite celebrity site, I discovered Lainey a couple years ago and it’s my number one must-read of the day. It’s not a traditional celebrity news or gossip site like the TMZ’s of the world, but delves more into analysis and dissection of the entertainment industry and celebrity culture.

4. On my way home, I open Flipboard’s “10 for Today” newsletter. It’s genius. It’s a perfectly curated mix of business, lifestyle, and entertainment content from Flipboard’s editors, and there’s always at least a couple articles I want to read.

5. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with magazines. I started subscribing to Sassy at the age of 10, and the love affair of flipping through glossy pages has continued. When possible, I try to read a print magazine on the way home, to give myself a break from the glow of the screen. I make sure to grab the newest Bloomberg, TIME, Fortune and/or Fast Company if we have them; I also love to read magazines a bit outside my demo, like Good Housekeeping, Maxim, or Scientific American, for a difference perspective. At home, I subscribe to Glamour, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Oprah, Health, and a ton more, and I get super duper happy when there’s a new mag waiting in my mailbox. I typically save it for the commute the next day, and the cycle starts again!

6. I just started reading The Martian, by Andy Weir - a soon-to-be blockbuster starring Matt Damon about a NASA astronaut stranded by his crew on Mars. He only has a year’s supply of food and no way of communicating to planet Earth. What will he do?! I can’t wait to find out.