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Satisfy Your Winter Cravings with Chefs Feed

January is supposed to be about making a fresh start, but let’s be real - that’s overrated. It’s cold, dreary, and if you live in San Francisco, it feels like you live in a cloud of fog. It’s no surprise that people turn to food, especially good ole’ fashioned comfort food, to get through winter’s dark months. Obviously, a lot of people are in post-holiday detox mode, or intent on fulfilling some ambitious New Year’s resolution. But if you’re having trouble scaling back, you’re not alone. Turns out that the cold weather, for various reasons - biological or social - actually gives us the winter munchies, tempting us to consume more calories. Seems a bit contrary to the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions, huh?

If you’re going to succumb to those cold weather cravings (I know you want to), you may as well eat right. And what better way to satisfy your inner foodie than to eat what the country’s best chefs love most? Well, there’s an app for that: Chefs Feed.

The Jist
Chef’s Feed takes a different approach to food. Not only can you find what local star chefs like to eat, but also which local spots serve up the dishes that they love most. The options run the gamut, from higher-end restaurants like Bar Agricole, to hole-in-the-wall joints like Turtle Tower (Pro Tip: Thomas McNaughton of Flour + Water loves their rare beef pho).

Navigating Chefs Feed
Perhaps I’m partial to the cutesy design, but Chefs Feed already gets the gold star for being so user friendly. The app is neatly organized into four basic search functions: page through chef’s profiles to find their go-to dish; find a specific food that you’re craving; locate dishes that are closest to you; or check out the live Twitter feed that showcases all the foods that chefs around the city just ate.

So, the next time you get a case of the winter munchies, tune into Chefs Feed to find what your city’s best chefs recommend at food joints near you.

Treat yourself and feast like a chef:
1. Download the app
2. Choose your city (Right now, the app is only available in select cities)
3. Pick a chef (or two or three) who you want to use as your filter
4. Read about your chefs’ favorite dishes
5. Eat and rate!

PLATFORM: iPhone (coming soon to Android and Blackberry)
AVAILABLE IN: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more!