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Love Having a Second Computer Screen? Now You Can Have a Second Phone Screen!

Imagine this: You’re at the airport with tons of luggage, an antsy child, and a ringing phone, all while trying to get through security, check the status of your flight and get on your way. But of course, that never happens easily. Now you’ve lost your boarding pass on the way from check-in to security. Thankfully, technology is your friend and it’s here to help you.

We all need phone cases to protect our phone, but now that phone case could actually be useful in other ways! The popSLATE case gives you an extra screen (yes, we said EXTRA SCREEN) for when you don’t have time (or brain power!) to scroll through all your apps and tabs.

The tech-savvy iPhone case has an e-ink screen on the back that you can customize with anything you want (think: today’s to-do list, that mobile boarding pass, or even cute family pictures!) The best part? It does not use up your phone’s battery. The downside? It is a bit pricey for a phone case, but convenience comes at a price!

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