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Thank Goodness it’s TUMBLR FRIDAY! Check out our latest favorite Tumblr pages!

Hyeri & Uzma’s Pick: iworkinpr.tumblr.com

Where did you hear about this Tumblr page?

Hyeri: Through a friend

Uzma: I followed them a while ago, and was reminded of the account when Erin tweeted about it!

What makes this Tumblr page interesting?

Hyeri: This is the funniest Tumblr I’ve ever come across, even more so because it highlights the life of a PR guru, accompanied by the best GIFs ever. Documenting everything from how PR people feel when we land the story of our dreams, to late nights in the office working on a press release, this blog is what I show my friends when I tell them #iworkinpr!

Uzma: Each post includes a PR person’s responsibility, alongside a reaction GIF.

“When you start having dreams about your client work” with a GIF of Oprah reacting confused and upset.

“Trying to corner a reporter on a busy news day” with a GIF of people chasing a llama that runs rampant across the field.

How could you NOT relate to this if you work in PR?!

Jordan’s Pick: icanread.tumblr.com

Where did you hear about this Tumblr page? Suggestion from Tumblr

What makes this Tumblr page interesting? Every post is an image with a quote. Some are inspiring, some just brighten up your day, and all are reminders to stay positive. My favorite post is a picture of a golden frame with the following words inside: “Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is.” I’m seriously considering recreating this and putting it up in my apartment.

Libbey’s Pick: marniethedog.tumblr.com

Where did you hear about this Tumblr page? I first learned about Marnie on Instagram and through the press. I wanted to learn more about her story, so I visited her Tumblr and haven’t looked back.

What makes this Tumblr page interesting? This Tumblr page is about all things Marnie. If you’re not familiar with her story, the senior pooch was found by Animal Control and was in pretty bad shape. She also suffered from an illness called Vestibular Syndrome, which makes her head tilt to one side. Luckily, she found a happy home in NYC and has since become a star! Marnie has been photographed with famous folks like Taylor Swift and Betty White, but also spends her time like a normal happy pup playing in the park, and dressing up in funny costumes. 🙂 She’s a gem and the photos of her life always brighten up my day!

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