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Technology for the Z’s

I’ve never been a great sleeper. My mind never quiets down when it’s bedtime, and waking up on time is #astruggle. But luckily, there’s a world of technology to help. Here’s the tech that I’m either using or hoping to start using soon to see if I can make a proper sleep schedule happen.

SunRise Clock: I got this as a gift and have to say, hello lifesaver. My room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, so waking up sometimes feels like it’s 4 a.m. when it’s really way too close to 7:30. With this light, I can set it to start slowly lighting up my room half an hour before I want to be awake, and then have a light beeper go off when the official moment arrives. Waking up feels so much more natural with my body responding to the artificial sunrise.

Capsule.fm: The sound one wakes up to can make a big difference for everyone. I’m not a big fan of a blaring alarm, and have tried various soothing alarms to help me start my day. But the app I’ve got my eye on is Capsule.fm: it's a personal radio service that wakes you up with a voice telling you it’s time to get up, sharing the weather and news, etc. Basically it’s like having Samantha from Her, minus ScarJo’s voice. You can customize what kind of updates you get in the morning, and even tell the app to call you “sexy” when it tells you to wake up. Downside: it does need to be left on and ideally plugged in at night to work.

Luna: Because nearly everything else is smart these days, so why not your bed? Luna is a smart bed cover that learns your sleep schedule and uses heat and connecting to other devices in your house to improve your sleep schedule. Yes, that means it’ll warm up the bed before bedtime - #dreamcometrue. It will track your sleep and wake you at an optimal time, and if you have a Wi-Fi connected coffee machine, Luna will get the coffee started as soon as you get up. Did I already say dream come true?

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