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Q&A: What We Love About Amazon Echo

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a tech savvy loved-one? (Or for what to tell your loved ones to get you as their tech savvy friend?) Then we’ve got you covered with the tech gear that’s changed Cutliner’s lives: the Amazon Echo. Check out what we love about it most below!

Q: How long have you had your Echo?

Nena: I’ve had it about two months.

Erin: I bought mine the day my friend Steve Kovach at Business Insider (now Tech Insider) told me he was trying it out. We were grabbing drinks in Manhattan and I ordered it on the spot. That was soon after it was released, I believe. I don’t remember. I’m old.

Q: What feature were you most excited about when you got the Echo?

Nena: I was really excited about being able to start almost any music immediately with the Prime library! I love jamming to music and it makes it so easy to play anything without worrying about my phone battery, if I can hear it, etc.

Erin: ALL THE QUESTIONS. Mostly I love waking up and yelling at the top of my lungs from my bed “Alexa, what is the weather?!” And then I like asking for my Flash briefing which is a recap of the day’s news (based on my preferences / settings).

Q: What are your favorite features now that you’ve been using it?

Nena: Definitely the music, but the instant kitchen conversions while I cook are a lifesaver. That, and being able to ask the weather while I’m tangled in sweaters or check what time it is mid-eyeliner application. It makes my mornings so much speedier. Plus, surprising friends by suddenly asking Alexa a question never gets old. I’ve recently discovered I can ask her about nearby restaurants and now I can’t stop asking where the closest Chinese food and sushi is. #priorities

Erin: Let’s see. I use it to: check the weather, hear the news, listen to music, check on my Detroit Lions (womp womp), figure out conversions in the kitchen, tell me jokes, make to-do lists, make grocery lists, set timers (like when I color my hair or make meatballs; you know, things that muck your hands up), set alarms, and order stuff from Prime. I use the Alexa so much when I’m at home that I find myself sometimes wanting to call out “Alexa…” when I’m not at home and have a question.

Q. What’s a feature you want to try out?

Nena: I want to test out more the Seven Minute Workout!

Erin: I am stealing Nena’s answer here. And if Alexa could actually *do* the workout too I think she would be the most perfect thing ever invented.

Q. How would you describe the Amazon Echo in just a few words?

Nena: The perfect smart device whether your home is smart or dumb.

Erin: Life-changing. Go buy one now.

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