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iRobot Roomba 980 Review

For Christmas, my brother-in-law bought himself an iRobot Roomba 980. Priced at $899.00, the autonomous robotic vacuum has wheels and rotating brushes that cleans floors, and, well, lives. Upon seeing it, I was skeptical because I am old-school and like to use sweeping/cleaning as therapy...also, I was raised in a home where cleaning is a rite of passage, so I deeply value the cultural tradition that comes with a clean home. Thus, you can understand my skepticism. However, after seeing it in action I was enthralled and charmed by the little robot cleaner. 

The pros:

Its built-in camera and small size. The iRobot Roomba 980 has a built-in camera so that the little guy can see where it is going. It picks up dust and small pieces of garbage, and its small size allows it to go under furniture (couches, tables, chairs, etc.) for the most thorough clean.

It really leaves the floor squeaky clean!

Check out the pictures below:

Floor Floor1

It’s millennial-friendly. The Roomba has Wi-Fi, can be turned on using the Roomba app, and it has a timer to make scheduling cleanings a breeze.

It picks up hair! It’s not afraid of it! I have long hair and it naturally (because we’re humans and we shed our hair) ends up everywhere. While I am proud of my luscious locks, it’s often irritating to see it in every corner of my apartment. This little guy isn’t afraid of hair and luckily for people with hair like mine, it’ll pick it up without getting stuck like a regular vacuum.

Battery life. The Roomba can clean for up to 2 hours (the life of one complete battery charge). This means that if you have a small home or mid-size apartment, it can complete its job while you’re at work or out running errands. When the battery is running low, it returns to its home base to charge. How cool is that?

The cons:

Actually picking up after yourself. I asked my brother-in-law what his least favorite aspect of the Roomba was and he said it was the fact that the floor had to be completely free of objects. He insists that the Roomba has made his life easier but he still has to pick up large objects (oh the horror!) like clothes and his children’s toys. If such objects are left on the floor, the Roomba will attempt to chew them up, choke, and eventually shut down.

It gets stuck often. If you don’t move cords out of its way, it’ll get stuck. This can seem tedious, but the Roomba can’t do it all! Despite this “problem,” I think the little guy does a wonderful job.

Although I don’t personally own the Roomba, I think it makes for a fantastic gift!


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