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International Women’s Day: The History-Making Women We Love

Whether it’s for International Women’s Day today, Women’s History Month all of March, or any other day of the year, honoring the trailblazing women who inspire us is one of our favorite things to do. Read on to find out which history-making women Cutliners admire most! 

Chrissy Teigen -- Chrissy Teigen is not only beautiful (she is a Sports Illustrated cover girl, after all), but also a role model for so many young women today. Chrissy is honest and bold; she’s not afraid to expose everything about herself -- the good and bad -- to the public, with the perfect amount of humor and poise. Recently, she penned a personal essay on Glamour about postpartum depression, a topic that is not often discussed among women, yet alone celebrities. I admire her bravery to expose something so personal about herself to the world, and I hope that this will spark more conversations about important (yet often ignored) topics and help women get the help they need! -- Hyeri

Katherine Johnson -- If you haven’t seen “Hidden Figures” yet… go! Right now. Katherine Johnson is the NASA mathematician who played a key role in sending the first Americans to space. Johnson did this in the 1950’s, in a racially charged and segregated Virginia. She was a remarkable woman who did rocket science math by hand. AND, no one even really knew of her legacy before this movie came out. We admire her drive, fight and push to be considered equal at a time where women, particularly those of color, were treated as anything but. We are honored to recognize and celebrate her this International Women’s Day! -- Shaq & Camille

America Ferrera -- From “Ana” in her breakout film, “Real Women Have Curves,” to “Carmen” in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” to “Ugly Betty” to triathlete to political activist, America has played inspirational roles since the time she stepped into the public spotlight. She’s isn’t afraid to poke fun or to speak her mind on issues that matter to her, and she’s an ardent proponent of greater diversity in the entertainment industry and dispelling stereotypes around Latinos. She leads by example, and motivates me to be a more passionate Latina, a more vocal citizen, and a stronger woman overall.  -- Sarah

Erin Fors & Megan Lamb -- Speaking of trailblazing women, how about our very own fearless leaders?! Erin and Megan inspire me every day with how they lead from the heart, push us all to be better, and ensure we are having fun and supporting each other along the way.  -- Esther

Sonia Sotomayor -- New Yorkers have tenacity, are bold, and embody resilience. It’s no surprise that Sonia Sotomayor, the FIRST Latina to serve on the Supreme Justice court is a New Yorker. Her brilliance and passion for social justice inspires me everyday. She makes me proud to not only be a woman, but a woman of color as well. I just started reading her memoir and I am in awe of her intelligence. -- Monica

The fierce, fearless, sparkly, smart, thoughtful, kind ladies of Cutline -- I could not be more proud to work with such an incredibly diverse group of women who support each other daily. It’s easy to come to work every day when you know you work with an amazing team of people. Cutline wouldn’t be Cutline without y’all so today and every day I THANK YOU! So much love. <3 -- Erin

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