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The ABC’s of Cutline

A couple of weeks ago, the Cutline team pulled off an incredible surprise baby shower for me and my tiny growing family. Not only did they pull off the surprise, but they also gifted us with several thoughtful baby items. One, in particular, stood out from the rest: DIY ABC art. Each Cutliner took a letter of the alphabet, drew a picture of something that started with the letter, laminated it and BOOM, instant DIY art for our itty-bitty nursery. I loved it - crafting is my thing! 

So, when I was asked to provide the final thought during this month’s team meeting (something we do to inspire our teammates for the coming month, and to end the meeting on a fun note!), I thought I’d take the team’s creative idea and use it as inspiration to share with everyone just what I think of Cutline and the fabulous women I work with every day. Here are the ABC’s of Cutline:

A is for Amazing

B is for Bold

C is for Confident and Cool

D is for Diverse

E is for Electric and Eclectic

F is for Fierce and Fun

G is for Go-getters

H is for Hustlers

I is for Intelligent and Inspiring

J is for Joyful

K is for Kind-hearted

L is for Loyal

M is for Media mavens

N is for Newsmakers

O is for Optimistic

P is for Passionate professionals

Q is for Queens

R is for Resourceful and Rare

S is for Sincere

T is for Thoughtful

U is for Unique and Unconventional

V is for Valued

W is for Wonder Women

X is for X-cellent (Totally cheated - X was hard!)

Y is for Youthful

Z is for Zany


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