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Earth Day: Tips & Tricks from the Cutline Crew

In celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, we asked the Cutline Crew to share how they strive to be more sustainable and energy efficient, whether at home, during their commute or at the office. See below for some handy tips and tricks! 

I try to pack my lunch every day, so I tend to use a lot of Ziploc bags that are often times discarded after using just once or twice. Recently, I found out about reusable zip seal bags that are not only just as portable as the plastic ones, but also freezer safe and hand washable! Combined with glass food storage containers, these bags are perfect for carrying my lunch and snacks to work. -- Hyeri

I have a long way to go, but there are some actions I’ve taken that are small steps in the right direction. We replaced all of our lights at home with LED bulbs, which is a benefit because they’re more energy efficient AND they also last longer. I also try to only buy recycled paper towels and toilet paper, and am very loyal to the Seventh Generation product line -- from dish soap to countertop cleaner to laundry detergent -- as it’s plant-based and supposedly better for the environment. My current concern is diapers for baby Hallmeyer -- I’m eyeing the Bambo brand, which is more eco-friendly than other brands. -- Esther

I’m not the best at being eco-friendly or energy efficient, but one habit that I’ve picked up is always unplugging electrical items, and not just turning them to off. The U.S. Department of Energy says that anywhere from 5% to 10% of your residential electricity is used by devices that are plugged in 24 hours a day. Unplugging saves you money, and saves energy! -- Shaq

I ride my bike to work, when running errands, and pretty much any time I am going anywhere in the city (when the weather permits). It saves the air, plus there are so many gorgeous places to ride in San Francisco (the Embarcadero, Golden Gate Park, the Presidio). It's a win-win! -- Sav

I make a conscious effort to use cloth bags for my grocery trips (I even keep some in my backpack just in case), but I still happen to have a ton of plastic grocery bags at home that my roommates have accumulated over time. This nifty bag hack shows how you can turn a cleaning wipes container into a plastic bag dispenser, saving room in your drawers/cabinets, and making it easy to pull one out when you need one for the trash or whatever else. My goal is to get rid of them all...eventually! -- Sarah

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