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7 Questions with…Elizabeth Cerna!

Q: What will you do at Cutline?

I will be doing anything and everything I can get my hands on at Cutline! As the team’s newest intern, I am so excited to learn as much as I can while here, and help out on as many accounts as I can.

Q. What's your greatest moment in PR so far?

This internship is my first experience in PR, so I would say my greatest moment thus far is learning so much from this amazing team! They’ve been setting me up with the tools and knowledge for success in PR, and I’m so grateful for it.

Q. Who do you love to follow on Twitter and why?

I love to follow @SFist to stay up-to-date on all of my San Francisco Bay Area news and events, and @vicenews to stay up-to-date on interesting stories. I also can’t go on without mentioning my favorite celebrity mom/foodie @chrissyteigen! She provides me with all of the best laughs and dinner inspiration I could ask for.

Q. What's the one gadget service you wish someone would come up with?

I know this is already (somewhat) a thing, but I wish something could help me when shopping for makeup online and tell me which foundation shade actually matches me! I always order the wrong shades and sometimes don’t realize it until I’ve left my apartment...oops!

Q. Android, iPhone, or other?

iPhone, without a doubt.

Q. What's your favorite thing about living in the Bay Area?

I love how every weekend around here is different! There are always events and shows happening around the area, so it’s impossible to be bored. Plus, do we even have to talk about all of the delicious food?!

Q. What do you love to do when you're not working?

I am currently finishing up my last semester of college, so I’m usually on campus when I’m not working. When I’m not at school or work I love to fill my free time by going to drinks with my friends, binge watching amazing shows (I’ll take any recommendations!), and petting any and every dog I can find. I also finally joined a gym, so you can also find me there...hopefully!

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