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Rachel’s Tips for an Aspiring PR Rockstar!

Ever wondered how we got our start here at Cutline? You’re in luck! We’re back with another post that showcases the stories of how Cutliners turned into PR rockstars. Check out how Rachel become a master PR pro. 

How did you get your start in PR? I majored in communications in college and always thought PR might be a good career path for me, but they didn't really have classes on it where I went to school (Go Quakers!). I ended up getting an internship with the consumer tech practice at a big PR agency in NYC in between my junior and senior year. That's what sealed the deal.

What's a top tip(s) you'd offer to someone aspiring to become a PR rockstar? Be yourself. Read as much as you can. Pay attention to detail. Keep in touch with people. Go with the flow. Have fun and try and maintain a sense of humor, particularly when the going gets tough.

What’s your latest/favorite hit so far? Man. This is a toughie. I think I'll have to go with "The Adventures of Pebble" series by Steven Levy for Medium for many reasons. Primary being that he is one of my favorite tech writers of all time (always has been, always will be) -- working with him is truly an honor and a privilege.

In more humorous but very fulfilling news, meeting Cookie Monster at SXSW with Kuri this year was also a total highlight of my career -- and in my life!

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